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Haunted by History, True Crime & More!
The Story Behind the infamous "Bermuda Triangle," the unsolved mystery that wasn't! A look back at missing planes and ships that vanished in a part of the ocean that wasn't as mysterious as we were led to believe!
Click Here for the Story!
"Taken by Gypsies"
The Haunting Tragedy of Elsie Paroubek:
Discover the terrifying and almost forgotten true story of a little Chicago girl who was kidnapped and murdered in 1911. To this day, the horrific crimes remains unsolved!
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Where the Dead Linger...
The history and hauntings of the Ohio State Penitentiary and the disastrous and deadly fire in 1930 that created a haunting that still lingers at the site of the former prison today!
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The Man in the Green Pajamas!
In 1959, a stockbroker named Bruce Nelson Campbell simply walked out of the Sandman Motel in Jacksonville, Illinois and vanished without a trace. What happened in this bizarre case?
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Weird Chicago Tours 
Chicago, Illinois!

Ultimate Look at Chicago's Ghosts, Gangsters & Ghouls with the city's best tour!
Available All Year Around!

Alton Hauntings Tours  
Alton, Illinois!
Discover why Alton is "One of the Most Haunted Small Towns in America" with the city's most authentic tour!
Spring & Summer Tours
Now Available for Purchase!

Haunted Decatur Tours 
Decatur, Illinois!
Join us in the "Haunted Heart of Illinois" for one of the longest-running ghost tours in the state!
Spring & Summer Tours
Now Available for Purchase!

Haunted Jacksonville Tours
Jacksonville, Illinois
Join us as we search for the spirits that specters that linger in Jacksonville's historic downtown!
Spring & Summer Tours
Now Available for Purchase!

Haunted Lebanon Tours 
Lebanon, Illinois!
Discover the spirits of one of Illinois' most historic small towns! First history & hauntings tour ever held in the area!
Returning Soon!

Haunted Cherokee Street
St. Louis, Missouri
Join us for the first walking tour of the haunted places of St. Louis' most unusual street, from haunted pubs to the Lemp Mansion!
Coming Summer 2014!

Haunted Fenton Tours
Fenton, Missouri

Discover the many hauntings of Fenton, a historic and mysterious town on the Meramec River that is inhabited by a myriad of ghosts!
Coming in 2014!

Haunted Park City Tours
Park City, Utah!
Join us for the first-ever ghost tours of Park City, a former mining town turned ski resort where spirits of the past still linger!
Coming Soon!

November 21-23: Haunted Weekend in Arizona
Bisbee & Tombstone with American Hauntings
We return to two of the most haunted towns in the Wild West!
Includes Two-Night Hotel stay, private tours, ghost hunts and more!

July 26, 2014: Night at Mansfield Reformatory
Overnight Ghost Hunt with American Hauntings at one of the Most Haunted Prisons in America!

September 5: Night at the West Virginia Penitentiary
Moundsville, West Virginia --
Spend the night behind bars with the lingering spirits of the past! Private ghost hunt with American Hauntings!
The Return of American Hauntings' Bell Witch Adventure! Join us for the Canoe Trip and History & Hauntings Weekend -- just one or both!!
August 1-3: Troy Taylor's Bell Witch Adventure
Adams, Tennessee

Join the Author for a return to Bell Witch Country and discover the History & Mystery of the Bell Witch!

May 3: Night at Magnolia Manor -- Bolivar, Tennessee

May 10: Night at the James Eldred House --
Eldred, Illinois

June 13: Night at the Roads Hotel -- Atlanta, Indiana

June 14: Night at Hannah House -- Indianapolis, Indiana

July 12: Night at the Morse Mill Hotel -- Missouri

July 25: Night at Morrison Lodge -- Elizabethtown, Kentucky

July 26: Night at Sedamsville Rectory -- Cincinnati, Ohio

August 2: Night at Pollak Hospital -- Bartonville, Illinois

September 6: Night at the Bell Nursing Home -- Kimbolton, Ohio

September 27: Night at the Woodruff-Fontaine Mansion
Memphis, Tennessee

  The Haunted Museum
The Historic and Haunted Guide to the Supernatural that inspired Troy Taylor's e-book series Ghosts by Gaslight

Discover the History Behind the Ghost Hunting! Learn how the Spiritualist Movement of Yesterday spawned the Paranormal Research of Today!

Exhibits Include:
Spiritualist Hall
* Occult Happenings Hall
* Spirit Photography Hall
* Ghost Hunter's Hall
* & Much More!

Come in, Roam the Exhibits and See How the Field of Ghost Hunting Actually Began! Click Here!
  Behind the Legends
A collection of articles that shows that sometimes we think may be the real story of a famous haunting -- may not actually be true!

Visit America's Most Haunted Places! Compiled by Author Troy Taylor -- Plus Other Haunted Articles!
Click Here for Dozens of Ghost Articles & Stories

Looking for Ghosts & Haunted Places? Click Here to Discover a Collection of Tales of Ghosts & Hauntings! And see the Top 3 TV Shows in a guest article!

Dead Men Do Tell Tales!
History, Mystery & Hauntings of Crime and Murder in America.
Warning: Not For the Faint of Heart!

Includes Hauntings like:
* Black Dahlia Murder
* Bloody Benders
* Belle Gunness
* Lizzie Borden
*St. Valentine's Day Massacre
& Many Others!
What to Do if Your House is Haunted?
What to do, how to find a ghost hunter & more!

Ghost Hunters in Your Area?
Looking for a ghost hunter? See contact info for Reps from American Hauntings!

Want to be a Ghost Hunter?
See our special Ghost Research Home Study Course prepared by author and American Hauntings founder Troy Taylor!

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