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WEIRD CHICAGO: Ghosts, Gangsters & Ghouls of the Windy City!
By Troy Taylor, Adam Selzer & Ken Melvoin-Berg

New, Revised & Updated 2009 Edition!
The city of Chicago is unquestionably the weirdest and most haunted city in America! With a bloody history that is filled with violent events, mysterious happenings and more than its share of crime, there is no place like it in the country.

Now, in the most complete book ever written about Chicago’s ghosts and strange history, the creators of the Weird Chicago Tours reveal just how the Windy City’s weirdness has shaped the city that rests on the shores of Lake Michigan today With notebooks and cameras in hand, the Weird Chicago crew has roamed the city in search of the haunted, the strange, the offbeat and the downright odd. They have tracked down bizarre history, weird people and places, forgotten remnants of the past, unexplained happenings and more ghost stories than have appeared in any other book before – plus the real story behind some Chicago hauntings that you only thought you knew. From Hull House to Resurrection Mary, from John Dillinger to Al Capone, this book showcases the most unusual aspects of Chicago – and just what makes it so haunted, weird and unique. Packed full of stories that you won’t find anywhere else, this is a journey that you’re never going to forget! $20.00

Some of the Stories & Locations in the Book Include:

Born in Blood: Weird Chicago History
* A Fort in the Wilderness
* Fort Dearborn Massacre
* "Mudhole of the Prairie"
* Civil War Chicago & Eighty Acres of Hell
* Great Chicago Fire
* Chicago Business: The Rich Get Richer
* Merchant Princes, Castle Builders & Rapists
* Riots, Strikes & A Headless Horseman
* "Hog Butcher to the World"
* World Columbian Exposition of 1893
* "Black Sox" Scandal of 1919
* The Cubs & the Billy Goat Curse

Weird Chicago People
* Chicago Politicians
* Abraham Lincoln & Chicago's "Smoke Filled Room"
* Hinky Dink Kenna & Bath House John
* Everleigh Sisters: Chicago's Most Famous Madams
* Last Survivor of the Boston Tea Party?
* Mike McDonald: "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"
* Wizard of Chicago
* Chicago's Mickey Finn
* Cap Streeter: Chicago's Last Pioneer
* Peter Nissen's Fantastic Voyage

Weird Chicago Disasters
* Chicago Fires
* The LaSalle Hotel Fire
* Haber Factory Fire
* Our Lady of Angels Fire
* The Iroquois Theater Disaster
* St. Patrick's Day Dancehall Disaster
* The Trolley of Death
* Wreck of the Rouse Simmons
* The Eastland Disaster
* The Flight 191 Disaster

Weird (& Haunted) Chicago Eateries & Watering Holes
* Whitechapel Club
* A Weird Chicago Hot Dog Tour
* Chicago's British Pub
* The Ole St. Andrew's Inn

* Bucktown Pub
* Lottie's Pub
* Ghosts of the Liar's Club
* Secrets of Excalibur* Tales of the Tonic Room
* Hauntings of Fado
* The Green Mill
* Sidebars on Dozens of other Haunted Spots

Weird Chicago Crime & Murder
* Guns, Roses & Valentines
* Al Capone
* O'Banion's North Side Gang
* The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
* The Chicago Outfit After Capone
* Capone's Enforcer: Frank Nitti
* Dillinger: Dead or Alive?
* Dr. Thomas Neill Cream
* The City Courthouse & Gallows
* Devil Came to Chicago: H.H. Holmes & the Murder Castle
* Chicago's Bluebeard
* The Sausage Vat Murder
* Case of the "Ragged Stranger"
* Chicago's Thrill Killers: Leopold & Loeb
* Farewell to the Grimes Sisters
* Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell
* John Wayne Gacy: The Clown that Killed

Weird Chicago Unexplained
* The Riddle of the Fool Killer Submarine
* The Hand of Death
* The Virgin Mary Comes to Chicago
* Queen of Heaven Visitations & Our Lady of the Underpass
* Apparitions at St. Rita's
* Devil Danced in Bridgeport
* Maple Lake Spook Lights
* Mystery Airships Over Chicago
* Chicago vs. the Flying Saucers
* O'Hare Airport UFO
* Chicago's Mysterious Kangaroos
* Lake Michigan's Sea Monster


Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Blood, Guns & Valentines
The Haunting of Al Capone & Chicago's Gangland Ghosts
by Troy Taylor (2010)

From the slums of Brooklyn to the luxurious hotels and nightclubs of Chicago, legendary mobster Al Capone took a meteoric rise to the highest levels of the criminal underworld at only twenty-five years of age. He became one of the wealthiest men in the world, with scores of speakeasies, brothels and gambling houses under his control and hundreds of gunmen ready to do his bidding. But in spite of his vast power, Capone was a man who lived in fear – haunted by a vengeful spirit from St. Valentine’s Day 1929!

There is no other book like Fatal Drop in the annals of Chicago crime literature and it's one that only the creators of the Weird Chicago Tours can bring you! Filled with remarkable anecdotes, strange history, terrible criminals, dark deeds and plenty of contemporary photographs, this is the most chilling and gut-wrenching collection of Windy City crime stories ever put to paper. You'll be turning the pages of this one long into the night! $15.00

Journey back to Roaring 20s Chicago with author Troy Taylor and discover the world of Al Capone and the gangs that made the city streets run red with blood! In this first, full-length book to unravel the haunting of Al Capone and other gangland ghosts of Chicago, you’ll find a time of jazz, bootleg liquor and rattling tommy guns as Taylor brings to life the mob violence and brutal revenge from the Prohibition era. Enter the world of Big Jim Colosimo, John Torrio, the “Terrible” Gennas, Dion O’Banion and of course, Al Capone and come along for the rise and fall of Capone and the various gangs of Chicago, the Beer Wars, the police and political corruption, the deadly shootings, the “one-way rides”, the mob assassinations and the other terrifying events that left lingering spirits in their wake!  $18.00


Weird Chicago Places & Roadside Oddities
* House of Crosses
* Bughouse Square
* Dil Pickle Club
* Wind Blew Inn
* Egyptian Buildings, Muffler Men & Cigar Store Indians
* Tribute to the "Spindle"
* Leaning Tower of Niles

Forgotten & Lost Chicago
* Chicago's Vice Districts
* The Chicago Coliseum
* Al Capone's Four Deuces
* Lexington Hotel
* Last Days of Maxwell Street
* Prairie Avenue
* Olson Rug Co. Waterfall
* Essanay Studios
* Chicago's Lost Theaters
* Old Chicago Amusement Park
* Chicago's Other Lost Amusement Parks


Weird Chicago Graveyards
* The Vanishing City Cemetery
* Mystery of the Couch Tomb
* Tales of Graceland Cemetery
* Phantoms of Rosehill
* The Italian Bride
* Miracle Child of Chicago
* Mysteries of Robinson Woods
* Showman's Rest
* Chicago's Most Haunted: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
* Other Haunted Graveyards

Weird Chicago Ghosts & Hauntings
* Jane Addams' Hull House
* Chicago's Forgotten Haunted Houses
* Haunted Chicago Police Stations
* Irish Castle
* Father Damen & the Haunting of Holy Family
* House with No Square Corners
* Mysteries of the Schweppe Mansion
* Old Town Tatu
* Ghosts of the Congress Hotel
* Chicago's Vanishing Hitchhikers
* Resurrection Mary
* Dozens of Sidebars & Ghost Alerts of other Haunted Places in Chicago!