The True Story of America's First Documented Possession!

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Mary Roff

Lurancy Vennum

According to legend, one of the strangest possessions in American history occurred in the small Illinois town of Watseka in 1878, creating a mystery that endures to this day. But what really happened in this enigmatic case and how much of the mysterious story that has been told over the years --- about the spirit of one dead girl invading the body of a living one is truth and how much is fiction? Author Troy Taylor, one of the leading researchers into the supernatural in the country, has spent years delving into the facts behind this chilling story searching through dusty records, wandering through old graveyards and visiting the sites associated with the case. This book, which is the first full-length, non-fiction title to be written about the case since 1879, unveils the true facts behind what occurred in Watseka in the 1870s and allows the reader to judge for himself whether Lurancy Vennum was truly possessed by the spirit of Mary Roff.  This eye-opening, and sometimes terrifying book, is a must-have title for anyone with an interest in the mysterious and a taste for the unknown!

More about "The Possessed":

* Discover strange tales of those possessed by the spirits -- The history and mystery of the Spiritualist movement and other faiths and cults where possession by spirits is commonplace. Also includes the true stories of people like Pearl Curran, whose own body became a vessel for the spirit of a woman long dead!

* The history of Watseka, Illinois and the people and places that became a part of one of the strangest tales of the paranormal in American history.

* One of the most detailed histories ever written about the bizarre ailments, spells and seizures experienced by Mary Roff in the 1860s, including details about her death, her stay at the Peoria Water Cure and the state insane asylum.

* A full-length account of the possession of Lurancy Vennum, including real letters that were penned by Lurancy, writing as Mary, her connections to the Roff family, encounters with the paranormal and more.

* An accounting of the Society of Paranormal Research investigation that was conducted by Richard Hodgson and information about the authenticity of this chilling case.

* A look at the "aftermath" of the case, the legends and lore that have come to surround it, along with possible solutions and explanations for what occurred in Watseka in 1878.

This is a must-have book for anyone with an interest in this case or with a fascination for the paranormal and unsolved mysteries. Discover what really happened in Watseka in the 1870s and decide for yourself whether or not you believe in the possibility of possession by spirits. You may not now --- but it's possible that you just might change your mind!