Communicating with the spirits of the dead is a fascination that dates back to the beginnings of recorded time -- and today is no exception. Reaching beyond the veil to those who have passed on to the other side is as controversial as it is intriguing. In these modern times, we are inundated with paranormal media, magazines, books and television shows, leaving many of us to wonder how much of what we see and hear is genuine. After years of exhaustive research, author April Slaughter shares her personal experiences with talking to the dead using various devices and techniques in this though-provoking and often emotional book. April's work challenges many assumptions that people have about communicating with the dead, without claiming to have all of the answers. Read. Be challenged -- and walk away changed. $15.00
Reaching Beyond the Veil is unlike any other book that you have ever read about the history, mystery and modern-day methods of spirit communication. Not only does it explore the mysteries behind how the various devices work -- or how they're supposed to work -- but it also delves into the history of how each of them came about. Beginning with April's personal experiences, she unveils her past with the spirits in her childhood home, her encounters with loved ones on the other side and her work with the Ghost Hunters television show. Exploring the history of spirit contact through psychics, Ouija boards, the controversial "ghost boxes" and other electronic methods of reaching the dead, she uses her own experiences to reveal just how these devices work -- and what she experienced first-hand during sometimes chilling and often very emotional sessions. Then, going one step beyond what any other psychical researcher has ever done, she reaches literally beyond the grave to explore Induced After-Death Communication during some of the most compelling incidents ever committed to print.

April Slaughter has been speaking to the dead for most of her life and has worked tirelessly to investigate the many methods and claims that have come along over the years. She is finally presenting the results of her work in this book. We can promise that -- no matter what you personally believe -- you've never read a book like this one before. There have been many books about spirit communication that have been released over the years, but there has never been one like this. It's unique, it's well-researched and one that will leaving your pondering the mysteries of the unseen world in a way that you have never done before. No matter what you think you know about spirits and the other side, you'll be startled by this book!

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Unlocking the Mystery of Modern Spirit Communication (2013) $15.00
By April Slaughter



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