Wicked Northern Illinois
The Dark Side of the Prairie State
by Troy Taylor

"Illinois is the hiding place for villains from every  part of the United States and, indeed, from every quarter of the globe. A majority of the settlers have been discharged from penitentiaries and jails or have been victims of misfortune or imprudence. Many of those will reform, but many, very many, are made fit for robbery and murder."
A traveler describing Illinois in the middle 1800s

In another bloody title from History Press, author Troy Taylor reveals the secret underbelly of Illinois' prairie in a book that promises to uncover the mysteries, murders and mayhem of the Central and Northern sections of the state. From the secrets of Joliet Penitentiary to the ferocious gunfights between the Ku Klux Klan and the Shelton gang, Taylor takes the measure of dishonest sweat and innocent blood poured into the heart of Illinois. Meet the "fallen angels" of Decatur's notorious red-light districts, the Springfield counterfeiters who bungled the stealing of Abraham Lincoln's bones, the Aurora man who propped up his porch with a concrete block contained the severed heads of his wife and brother-in-law, the killers of one of Illinois' most prominent early residents, the bandits, thieves and outlaws who once prowled the state, the famous baseball pitcher who became one of America's first murderous professional sports figures, the mysterious Mildred Allison -- the body by the railroad tracks, the infamous Starved Rock killer and others! Don't miss this chilling title from the author who isn't afraid to dip his pen into blood! $18.00
Wicked Decatur
Murder, Scandal and Sin on the Illinois Prairie
By Troy Taylor

We have it direct from the officers that the city is infested with large numbers of crooks, and we deem it wise that our citizens should be warned.
- Editor of the Decatur Bulletin-Sentinel, 1895

In another bloody, crime-riddled title from History Press, author Troy Taylor returns to his hometown of Decatur, Illinois one last time and reveals the murder, mysteries and mayhem of a city that was known as both "Hell's Half Acre" and the "Second Most Corrupt City in Illinois"! He reveals the scandals and sins of the city, where murder, bootlegging, prostitution, kidnapping, gambling and political corruption and uncovers a series of homicides that remain unsolved to this day. Uncovering tales that were told by city police officers, like Taylor's own great-grandfather, he presents a rogue's gallery of killers and thieves that helped to give Decatur it's reputation as a "wide open" town for decades. From the vice districts like Merchant Street and the Levee, to the ill-fated sporting houses of the Red Light Distict, the gamblers, murder and mayhem on the railroads, the most vicious murders in the city's history and much more, Taylor once again presents a blood-soaked chronicle of Illinois history! Don't miss out on what promises to be one of the author's most chilling crime titles so far! $18.00
True Crime: Illinois
The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases
by Troy Taylor

Illinois was in many ways born in blood. From the early days of piracy to twentieth-century mob massacres, the Prairie State has been plagued by some of the worst crimes in history.

In this  blood-soaked title from Stackpole Books, author Troy Taylor presents a disturbing overview of Illinois' most notorious crimes, from child killers to serial murderers to spree crimes that are still spoken of in whispers today.       True Crime: Illinois examines the state's most sensational criminal cases -- the "Murder Castle" of H.H. Holmes, the intellectual thrill killers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the bloody St. Valentine's Day Massacre involving Al Capone's South Side mob and Bugs Moran's North Side gang, the eight nurses brutally butchered by Richard Speck, the horrifying rape and slaughter of 33 young men by "Killer Clown" John Wayne Gacy, and more. These are the factual accounts of the cold-blooded killers, mobsters and psychopaths who shocked a state. Chapters in this chilling book include: A Brief History of Crime in Illinois;  The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock; Bloody Williamson County; The Starved Rock Murders; H.H. Holmes and the Murder Castle; The Sausage Vat Murder; Chicago's Thrill Killers; The St. Valentine's Day Massacre; Farewell to the Grimes Sisters; Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell; John Wayne Gacy: The Clown that Killed; and more! $10.00

  Author Troy Taylor airs Chicago’s dirty laundry in this five-part series, chronicling everything from the Great Chicago Fire to the most shocking crimes of the 1800s, and the rise of the mafia during Prohibition leading to Al Capone’s eventual domination in the Windy City’s underworld. Discover the notorious capers, cons and killings that terrorized the city, and unearth the killers, bank robbers and burlesque dancers that history could never forget as the Murder & Mayhem in Chicago series exposes the Second City’s darkest sins and dirtiest secrets!
Murder & Mayhem in Chicago's Downtown: In the company of author Troy Taylor, pull off the trick of coming back alive from some of Chicago's most infamous "one-way rides". Meet the deadly womanizer Johann Hoch, who would propose to a woman within twenty minutes of meeting her and then poison her within a week. Re-live the deaths of gangland boss Dean O'Banion and the slaying of Earl "Hymie" Weiss on the steps of a downtown church. Investigate the mysterious death of controversial reporter Jake Lingle. Experience the tragic fire at the Iroquois Theater, where a "fireproof" curtain made of cotton did little to stop a blaze that killed more people than the Great Fire of 1871 -- plus much more! $18.00

Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's West Side:
Blazing from the West Side, the Great Chicago Fire left nothing but charred remnants of the developing city -- leveling its landscape but not its spirit. While the West Side was home to the infamous O'Leary barn, it was also where news of some of the city's most gruesome and horrific crimes reverberated throughout the state and across the country. Read about the bloody end of Roger "The Terrible" Touhy, who, although he undoubtedly lived up to his name, met an ill-deserved fate. Delve into the death of Frank Capone, the "House of Weird Death", the battle of Barrington, the mysterious death of Dillinger gang member John Hamilton, John Gacy, the Clown who Killed and more! $18.00

Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's South Side:
Lurking below the Loop, behind the industry-driven energy of Chicago, lies the mysteries criminal underworld of the South Side. Recounting criminal exploits of legends like Al Capone, as well as lesser-known stories like the Car Barn Bandits, Troy Taylor captures the intricacies of the most infamous stories of Chicago's South Side. Uncover the gruesome murders committed by the unassuming H.H. Holmes and the mysterious death of Marshall Field, Jr. Be stunned by the story of Chicago's "Thrill Killers", Leopold and Loeb. Follow the clues in the cold case of the Grimes Sisters, be terrified by the murders committed by Richard Speck and relive many other strange and horrific crimes. $18.00

Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's North Side:
In 1929, Chicago mobster Al Capone arrange a special St. Valentine's Day delivery for his favorite enemies: a massacre. Seven North Side gangsters were left dead. Yet random murders and bizarre killings were not unfamiliar in Chicago. Tales of the city's most violent and puzzling murders make this gripping work truly hair-raising -- a deranged man stalks and kills his love obsession and then himself; a sausage maker uses the tools of his trade to rid himself of his wife; a meticulous serial killer cleans his victim's wounds before taping them closed and more. Discover the dark side of the legendary Green Mill, the case of the "Ragged Stranger", the unsolved murder of Estelle Carey, the real story behind "The Natural", and more! $18.00

Murder & Mayhem in Chicago's Vice Districts:
From the very beginning, Chicago thrived on its reputation as a wide-open town. After the Great Fire, no part of the city was rebuilt more quickly than the vice districts, where bribed cops and brutal force emboldened professional wickedness to celebrate itself in gala events like the First Ward Ball, begun in honor of a bordello pianist and often so crowded that passed-out drunks couldn't even fall to the floor. Randolph Street was nicknamed Gamblers Row because men gambled with their lives when they visited it. In Little Hell, guns and knives could be rented by the hour. Discover the history of Chicago's bloody sex trade through stories of Bloody Maxwell, Custom House Place, the Levee, the Everleigh Club, the Chicago white slave trade, and much more. Not for the faint of heart! $18.00 

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The  Dark Side of the Prairie State by Troy Taylor $18.00

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The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases by Troy Taylor $10.00

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