The True Story of the Rise & Fall of the Lemp Empire
BY TROY TAYLOR (Revised, 2014 Edition)


Their story has become the stuff of legend, but its one that few people truly know. The Lemp family, and their infamous mansion, have inspired books, ghost stories and television shows, but the true story of their lives has become a confusing and convoluted mixture of myths, misconceptions, folklore and outright lies. Its become nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction about this haunted family until now.  


Author Troy Taylor takes you back in time to the opulent days of Gilded Age St. Louis and reveals the story of the Lemp family and its rise to power, wealth and decadence. For the first time, the story of the rise and fall of the family can really be told. Written with the cooperation of Lemp family descendants and featuring private stories, details and rare photographs, its the story that has never been revealed before. The Lemp story is one of true American tragedy one of triumph over opposition, hard work, perseverance, genius and madness, eccentricity, passion, horror, death, suicide and ghosts.

 Its a story that is played out against the changing America of the late 1800s and early 1900s, enhanced by the history of beer brewing in St. Louis, the German immigrant experience in America and by the lives and deaths of those for whom money was truly no object. It is a tale that is truly American of a haunted family and their haunted house told as only Troy Taylor can tell it!  $16.00

Chapters in the Book Include:

"Beer Made St. Louis"
A History of Brewing in the City, including the story of the first beer brewed in the city, Beer and the Civil War, History of Anheuser-Busch, Beer until Prohibition and More!

"Father of Lager Beer in St. Louis"
Adam Lemp comes to America, Making Beer in St. Louis, William Lemp and the creation of the legend that still lingers today!

"The Pride of St. Louis"
Building the Lemp Fortune in America's Gilded Age

"Wonders Below the Earth"
The Brewery caves of St. Louis, including the history of the city's lagered cave beer and the strange story of the Lemp Caverns and Cherokee Cave

"First Beer from Coast to Coast"
One of America's Great Breweries comes of Age as the Lemps expand to national and international sales in the late 1800s and early 1900s!

"The Rich Are Different"
Truth, Legends and Lies of the Lemp family -- a Biographical sketch of the Lemp children, including stories and photographs that have never been printed before! Also includes the "truth" about the so-called Lemp "Monkey Boy"!

"And it All Began to Crumble..."
The beginning of the End for the Lemp Empire, including the tragic suicide of William Lemp

"The World Came to St. Louis"
The Lemps and the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis

"Desertion, Cruel Treatment and Indignities"
The Scandalous Lemp Divorce Trial of 1908 and the true story of the "Lavender Lady"

"An Approaching Storm"
The Lemp Years before Prohibition... the final struggling gasps of a great brewery, the "German Threat" and "America Goes Dry."

"While Rome Burned..."
The Fall of the Lemp Empire, Prohibition in St. Louis and the Mysterious Death of Elsa Lemp

"The Dutch Act"
The Suicide of Billy Lemp

"Out of the Ashes"
The Short-Lived Revival of Lemp Beer and the tragedy of William Lemp, III

"In Case I am Found Dead, Blame it on No one But Me."
Charles Lemp's descent into madness and suicide

"Into the Woods"
Edwin Lemp's retreat from the world and the final days of an eccentric

"One of the Most Haunted Houses in America"
The Legends and Lore of the Lemp Mansion -- from famous ghost stories to personal encounters with the lingering spirits of the Lemp family home.