America's Haunted Forts, Prisons, Battlefields & Military Ghosts
by David Goodwin & Troy Taylor  $20.00

Ask any ghost hunter where to find America’s most haunted places and they are sure to point you to the battlefields, forts and former prisons that dot the historic landscape of our country. At places like the Alamo. Antietam, Gettysburg and Little Bighorn, terrified soldiers fought and died in the midst of blood, smoke and fire. The men who died in military prisons wished for death in battle. They faced a slow, excruciating, wasting kind of death, far from their brothers, their loved ones and their homes. Is it any wonder that such placed become haunted? Without a doubt, the horrific deaths, as well as the valiant deeds of soldiers on the fields of battle, create the hauntings we know today. History tells us the locations of troops, the number of dead and wounded, the quirks of generals and how one side maneuvered against the other, but if ghosts are born, they are born from humanity’s most atrocious acts -- war and mortal combat.
Authors David Goodwin and Troy Taylor have combined their knowledge of history, hauntings and military regimen to present a book unlike any other military ghost book you have ever seen before. No mere collection of folklore and spooky campfire stories, it presents a chilling account of life and death on the battlefield, in the fort and in the prisons of historic America. Interwoven with the supernatural and the macabre, these dark tales will have you believing that you hear the clash of battle and feel the panic, horror and sadness of the soldiers who have long since vanished through death’s door. 
Some of the Eerie Locations & Stories in the Book Include:

* Fort Mackinac
* Fort Ticonderoga
* Fort Erie
* Fort Dearborn
* Plattsburgh Air Force Base
* Fort Belle Fountaine
* Jefferson Barracks
* St. Louis Arsenal
* Fort Benning
* Fort Clinch
* Fort Fisher
* Fort McAllister
* Fort Pulaski
* Fort Monroe
* Fort Concho
* Fort Leaton
* Fort Washita
* Fort Devens
* Fort Leonard Wood
* Keesler Air Force Base
* Parris Island
* Cherry Point Station
* Johnson's Island
* Camp Chase
* Fort Warren
* Fort Mifflin
* Point Lookout
* Gratiot Street Prison
* Alton Penitentiary
* Andersonville
* Alcatraz
* The Alamo
* Wilson's Creek
* Fort Donelson
* Shiloh
* Antietam
* Fredericksburg
* Stones River
* Gettysburg
* Little Bighorn

And More! This is not a travel guide with only a few paragraphs for each location! It's a detailed glimpse into haunted history -- over 350 pages!