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More Confessions of Ghost Hunters by Troy Taylor & Len Adams

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So, There I Was: More Confessions of Ghost Hunters (2006) by Troy Taylor & Len Adams

Ever wonder what happens “behind the scenes” of paranormal investigations, ghost tours and haunted overnights? Ever wonder what happens when ghost hunters visit places that are so haunted that even they get scared? If so, then delve into the further adventures, and misadventures, of author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society’s Len Adams as they recount their own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted places, ghost tours and more!

Discover these fascinating, often humorous and usually chilling first-hand accounts of some of the most haunted places in America, including the Villisca Ax Murder House, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Illinois town of Alton – one of the most haunted small towns in America, Lemp Mansion, Bell Witch Cave, Myrtles Plantation, Waverly Hills Sanatorium and many others! It’s another look at the “confessions” of ghost hunters and the perfect addition to your library!


Troy Taylor is the author of 40 books on ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained. He is the founder of the American Ghost Society and the co-owner and manager of the Illinois Hauntings Tour Co. Born and raised in Illinois, he currently resides in the central part of the state in a decidedly non-haunted house.

Len Adams is the Chief of Operations for The American Ghost Society and lead guide for the Alton Hauntings  Ghost Tours. This is his first book. Born in St. Louis and raised in Illinois, Len now resides in Belleville. His current house is “ghost free” but as he says --- “there’s always hope”.

Stories, Locations, Tours & Adventures in "So, There I Was..." Include

1. Confessions of Ghost Hunters: Getting Started with Ghosts

2. Alton: Small Town, Large Tales: Ghostly tales and strange encounters from the Alton Hauntings Tours with stories that have never appeared in print before. Accounts from Len Adams, Troy Taylor and a special section with Alton Hauntings guide, Luke Naliborski

3. Dinner & Spirits at the McMackin House: Hunting for ghosts --- and avoiding "spirits" of another kind with Troy Taylor and Luke Naliborski at a little-known Illinois haunt

So, There I Was is the sequel to Troy Taylor's Earlier Book, Confessions of a Ghost Hunter and a prequel to The Lighter Side of Darkness!

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Join Troy & Len at the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium for Chapter 13 in the book!

4. Solitary Confinement: A Haunted Night at the Eastern State Penitentiary with Troy Taylor and a crew from The Learning Channel

5. Suicide & Spirits: Haunted nights at --- and in the caves beneath --- the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis with Troy Taylor

6. Hunting for the Bell Witch: Investigating the Legendary Bell Witch Cave with Troy Taylor

7. A "Wales" of a Good Time: Hunting Ghosts with Len Adams at the Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Wales

8. A Haunting Mystery: Searching for the Ghosts of the Villisca Ax Murder House with Troy Taylor. The first ghost book to feature a historical account of the house, the horrific mystery surrounding it and first-hand accounts of the haunting.

9. Hunting for Hoaxes: Behind the Legends of America's Greatest Hauntings! Secrets revealed by Troy Taylor

10. In Search of the Hornet Spook Light: Hunting for one of America's greatest mysteries, including first-hand accounts of the light's appearances by Troy Taylor

11. Who's That in the Looking Glass?: Join Len Adams as he hunts for the ghosts of the Looking Glass Prairie in Lebanon, Illinois.

12. Albino Crossings & Cry-Baby Bridges: Looking for some of Illinois' Mystery Spots with Troy Taylor. Join in the 15 year search for authentic hauntings in little-known spots, including many that have never appeared in print before!

13. Ghosts: Chasing Haunts at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium --- one of the most haunted places in America --- with Troy Taylor and Len Adams

About "Confessions of a Ghost Hunter"

Adventures & Misadventures in Ghost Research
New, Updated & Revised Second Edition!

Author and real life ghost researcher Troy Taylor brought his years of experience with the paranormal to readers with his best selling manual, The Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook. But how did he compile that information and what experiences did he base his research on? Those questions are now answered in this account of the author’s lifelong fascination with the unexplained!

This unsettling revised and updated book chronicles Taylor’s adventures, and misadventures, with paranormal research, recounting his own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted houses and more! These stories are compelling, often humorous and almost always chilling as Taylor updates his classic book with a myriad of new and favorite tales like:

* Nights in Haunted Houses
* His First Encounter with the Supernatural
* His First Paranormal Investigation
* The Spirits of the Speakeasy
* Hauntings of the Lincoln Theater
* A Ghost Named Joe: Troy's First Face-to-Face Encounter with a Ghost!
* Residual Hauntings & Sounds from the Past
* Nights at the McPike Mansion
* Haunted by History: Prospect Place
* Hauntings of Gettysburg
* Seeing a Ghost: The Haunted Farm
* Ghost Lights & Graveyard Hauntings
* Spook Lights at Greenwood Cemetery
* Hunting for the Truth: Old Union Cemetery
* Anderson Cemetery: The Infamous "Graveyard X"
* Hunting for Poltergeists
* The Alton Poltergeist Case
* The Christine M. Poltergeist Case
* Disasters, Failures & Fiascoes
* "Haunted Hallways", "Mysterious" Attics and When the Living Are Scarier than the Dead
* On Location: Media Messes
* On the Set of the St. Francisville Experiment
* And Much More!  

Travel Along with Troy as he takes you along for his first paranormal investigation, his trips to famous haunted places, his experiences with witnesses, houses that weren’t haunted, and real ghosts! It’s a strange and amazing journey and one that no ghost enthusiast will want to miss!

About "The Lighter Side of Darkness"

The Lighter Side of Darkness
Misadventures into the Unknown by Luke Naliborski

Join American Ghost Society Officer and Representative, Ghost Hunter and Alton Hauntings Tours Guide, Luke Naliborski, on a strange trip between this world and the next! Hilarious and chilling and filled with real-life adventures from ghost hunting excursions all over the American Heartland, The Lighter Side of Darkness is sure to keep you reading late into night. Be sure to keep the lights on, though, because you never know what may be creeping up behind you!

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a ghost hunter? Want to find out what really happens during paranormal investigations, haunted outings and ghost tours? If you do, then come ghost hunting with author, tour guide and American Ghost Society investigator Luke Naliborski as he takes you along for a chilling series of adventures, and misadventures, on the dark side of American Heartland. Delve into Luke’s personal accounts of ghosts, hauntings, haunted places, ghost tours and much more and read spooky, and often hilarious, first-hand accounts of some of the most haunted places in the country! Luke recalls his first paranormal investigations, his first encounters with the unknown, lessons learned in the course of ghost hunting and his experiences at real-life haunted places like the Lemp Mansion, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Lincoln Theater, Greenwood Cemetery and Alton, Illinois – “One of the Most Haunted Small Towns in America”! Don’t miss this further “confessions” of ghost hunters, the perfect addition to the library of any ghost enthusiast!

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