Join author Troy Taylor for his darkest and strangest book yet as he takes a historic, haunted and horrific look at sex and the occult through the ages, from sex magic to Satanism, demonic possession, vampires, demon rapists, poltergeists, phantom lovers & more! Sex, death and the supernatural have always played important roles in human society and culture, dating back to the fertility rites of ancient Greece and the role of a virgin at a black mass. In this startling and provocative book, Troy Taylor explores the all-pervasive influence of sex on the occult, from ritual orgies to Aleister Crowley, devil worship, outbreaks of sexual possession, demon lovers, real-life vampires, the sexual side of Spiritualism, love and sex from beyond the grave, and much more! As the most complete book of its kind, it draws a vivid, frightening picture of the erotic, cruel, sometimes horrifying, and always compelling beliefs and practices that have long linked the sexual and supernatural sides of our lives. $18.00

Warning: This book contains graphic text and illustrations that may be offensive to some readers. It is recommended for mature readers only!

Sex & the Supernatural Includes:
Foreword by Ken Melvoin-Berg, Creator of the Weird Chicago Red Light District Sex Tours

Ancient Societies: Sex & the Supernatural in the Ancient World - In Ancient Egypt - In Ancient Greece - In India

Sex Magic: Ritual Sex, the Ordo Templi Orientis and "The Wickedest Man in the World - Sex Magic in the Middle Ages - Modern Sex Magic - Aleister Crowley - Austin Osman Spare - Samael Aun Weor

Sex & the Devil: The Supernatural Side of Satanism & Black Witchcraft - Anton LaVey's Satanism - Traditional Satanism - Sex, Satan and the Middle Ages - The Sabbaths - Satanism, Torture & the Great Witch Hunts - The Witch-Finger General - The Salem Witch Trials - "Satanic Panic" & "Michelle Remembers"

Demon Lovers: History and Horror of Demonic Rapists - Sleeping with the Enemy - Satan's Spawn - Blood & Fire, the Cruel Embrace of Demons - Lust in the Night - Sex Demons, Real or Unreal?

By Lust Possessed: Sex and Demonic Possession - Exorcism in the Middle Ages - The Devil in the Convent - The Devils of Loudon - A Pact with Satan - The Possession of Emma Schmidt

Blood, Sex & Vampires: The Vampire in Legend - Sex and the Vampire - Vampires Among Us, True Tales of Vampires Throughout History - Vampire of Croglin Grange - Mercy Brown - Countess of Blood - Vampire of Hanover - The Dusseldorf Vampire - Kensington Vampire - Vampires that Don't Drink Blood

Sex and Poltergeists: The Bell Witch, Sex or Spirits? - The Cock Lane Ghost - The Stratford Poltergeist - The Great Amherst Mystery - The Mena Poltergeist - Baltimore Poltergeist - Oakland Poltergeist - The Columbus Poltergeist, the Strange Tale of Tina Resch

In a Darkened Sťance Room: Sex and Spiritualism - "Mounted by the Gods", Spirit Possession in History from Pentecostalism to Voodoo - Sex and Spirit Possession - Sex and the Sťance Chamber - The Medium and the Scientist - Spiritualism's Most Oversexed Medium - The Strange Case of "Margery"

Phantom Lovers and Erotic Entities: Phantom Lovers in History - Ghost Lover of Machatas - Charles Dickens' Phantom Lover - The Octoroon Mistress - The Return of "Bertie" - The Headless Lover - The Phantom Groper of Borley Rectory - The Wedding Night Monk - The Ghostly Encounter - The Vengeful Lover

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