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Guidebooks to American Mysteries & The Unexplained by Jerry D. Coleman

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Jerry D. Coleman is one of the best-kept secrets in strange phenomena! He has been active investigating this field for more than three decades but has managed to stay quiet (until now) about the bizarre and unusual accounts and information that he had collected. Finally, he reveals the real, behind the scenes stories of some of America’s greatest unexplained cases.

Troy Taylor  - Author & Ghost Researcher

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MORE STRANGE HIGHWAYS: More True Stories of America's Unknown Creatures & Mysterious Happenings ----
Take another trip into the darkest corners of the unknown with Jerry Coleman as he returns to the back roads of America in search of more of the strangest cases in paranormal and Cryptozoological history! Now with nearly four decades of research into the unknown, he goes in pursuit of even larger prey, delving again into current cases of Bigfoot encounters, ghosts, weird monster sightings, phantom creatures, unsolved mysteries and mysterious black panthers that should not exist --- but do! Once again, Coleman opens his case files to the public and reveals little known encounters of the unknown that have never appeared in print before. You will never look at those wooded roadways or quiet forests in the same way again!

 In this second eerie collection, the author presents a new collection of ghost encounters, Bigfoot and mysterious ape sightings, evidence of anomalous panthers, Thunderbirds, strange but real creatures, exposures of a few paranormal hoaxes and even a complete how-to guide on how to became a Cryptozoological investigator! Another amazing book of carefully investigated cases and first-person accounts of the unknown!  $14.95

STRANGE HIGHWAYS: The Guidebook to American Mysteries & The Unexplained ---- Explore the underbelly of American Strangeness with author Jerry D. Coleman as he goes behind the scenes into some of the most mysterious cases in paranormal history. With more than three decades of experience as an investigator of the unexplained, Coleman had delved into the unusual history of everything from ghosts to monster sightings, Bigfoot encounters, phantom creatures and other assorted strange phenomena. Now finally, after all of these years, he has compiled his research into a book that will not only chill you but will you looking nervously into the rearview mirror as you travel down unfamiliar roadways at night!

Roaming the country, he presents an amazing phantasmagoria of Bigfoot sightings, visits from beyond the grave, eerie encounters with anomalous creatures, phantom panthers, startling first-hand accounts and much more. Documents accounts include little-known encounters that have never appeared in print before, out of place and mysterious animals, cattle mutilations, ghost-infested places, haunted people, the dark side of the human mind, encounters with evil, the Jersey Devil, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, exposures of a few paranormal hoaxes, the only complete investigation of the famed Lawndale Thunderbird encounter and much more! This is one of the most amazing books you'll ever read about carefully investigated and first-person accounts of the unknown! $14.95

“Strange Highways” is a must-have for every strange phenomena fan. Cryptozoologists will learn, for the first time, the truth behind some of the best known cases in the field, including the Lawndale Big Bird Case; the Decatur, Illinois “North American Ape” tracks; the checkered history of Bigfoot; and much more. This book is a breath of fresh air and is guaranteed to create huge ripples. Jerry D. Coleman has been on the inside of the strange phenomena sub-culture for decades and this book is long overdue! If you have an interest in the unexplained … you will be shocked, surprised and enlightened by the revelations included in “Strange Highways”.
Mark Chorvinsky  - Veteran Investigator & Editor of Strange Magazine

Jerry Coleman sets the standard for research in unexplained phenomena!
Dr. Bob Hironimus  - 21st Century Radio

Jerry Coleman has been an investigator of the unexplained for more than 30 years and has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, including past appearances in Fate Magazine and others. He was also the creator of the popular "Myth or Real?" collector cards and has traveled all over the country, as well as South America and Europe, in his quest for the unknown. He currently resides in Eastern Tennessee and works as a counselor for a center for troubled teens. Strange Highways is his first full-length work.

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