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Want a Weird Chicago Tour for Your Private Party, Group, Corporate Event, Bachelorette Party -- or Just a Bunch of Friends Looking for a Spooky Good Time?

The Weird Chicago Tour offers special event tours for private groups, all for one flat price depending on the size of the group! Rent the entire bus for the night (including guide and driver) and you'll get a 3-hour Weird Chicago Tour, Pub Crawl, Specialty Tour or one that you can customize for yourself! The tours are great for any kind of special gathering, party, or even for ghost hunters who want to see the spooky side of Chicago -- in a way that only we can show you!

Call us at (217) 791-7859 with questions and to guarantee your tour date and make your deposit! If you just want to check availability, email us at troy@weirdchicago.com

Private Tours:
We offer different prices depending on the size of your group!
Please Note: $50 additional charge for all Red Light District Sex Tours

Group of 14 people or less:
-- includes bus, driver, guide and tour of your choice, including pub crawls and others listed below!

Groups of up to 23 people:
-- includes bus, driver, guide and tour of your choice, including pub crawls and others listed below!

Groups of up to 39 people:
$1,200 -- includes bus, driver, guide and tour of your choice, including pub crawls and others listed below!

Groups of up to 55 people:
$1,700 -- includes bus, driver, guide and tour of your choice, including pub crawls and others listed below!

Step-On Guide Tours:
$500 -- Your provide the bus and we provide the guide and tour of your choice!

All private tours include one of the types of tours (or a combination of tours) featured below that lasts approximately 3 hours. (Additional Hours are available) Our price includes bus, weird guide and driver! We can also arrange alternate pick up and drop-off sites for your group, depending on availability, although our standard pick-up spot is downtown at 600 North Clark Street, outside of McDonalds. Out of the way pick-up and drop-off sites will factor into the time of the actual tour.

 If you cancel, your deposit is non-refundable and we require a notice of at least 7 business days! If you need a larger or smaller vehicle, we may be able to change that for you, but there is a price difference and we need at least 10 business days notice to make the change. See information below on types of tours and how to customize your evening!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About
Weird Chicago's Private Tours:

1. How Do I Book A Private Tour?
Private tours are booked with a $100 deposit and the rest of the fee will be charged to your card on the Monday before the tour. Check out the info that we need below and then call us to book at 
(217) 791-7859

2. What Days & Times Do you Offer Private Tours?
Private tours can be booked seven days a week, but some days and times are better -- or at least offer a better chance that we will be available. We will do private tours on the same night that a public tour is scheduled, but only if one of our buses is available. On most nights, we offer private tours with start times anywhere at 7:00 PM or 10:00 PM. We can offer slight variations on those times, but it depends on guide availability. We also offer tours during the daytime, just let us know what time you need and we'll see what we can do!

3. How Early Do I need to Book a Private Tour?
We recommend that you book as soon as you know the date when you need the tour! Our tours are very popular and available dates sell out quickly. The earlier that you can make your reservation, the better! Once we are booked, we won't be able to clear the date to make room for you.

4. How Many People Can You Fit on a Private Tour?
The Weird Chicago Private Tours can book as few people as you like, but we have bus capacity of 14, 23 and 39 and 55 people, depending on the size of your group and how much you want to spend.

5. Can we bring out own bus for a Private Tour?
Yes --  and we offer a different rate as long as you furnish your own bus. We do tours for school groups and larger corporate events. The price is a $500 flat fee -- unlike other tour companies, we do not ask for a per person price when you are using your own bus!

6. Can You Pick Up Somewhere Other than the 600 North Clark Street?
Absolutely -- that's our standard pick-up spot but we have picked groups up at hotels, bars, restaurants, and even private homes and apartments. However, if we do pick up at anywhere other than 600 North Clark Street, there is a $50 charge for time, gas and distance. We only pick up in the city and as close to downtown as possible. We do not travel out to the suburbs for pick-ups because it cuts too much into the time of the tour.

7. Can I Customize a Tour to Combine things you Offer?
Yes -- we have a list of different tours that we offer below but you are welcome to mix and match the tours as much as you like. We offer combinations of any of them -- just use the "special comments" box to let us know what you'd like to do.

8. Can we bring alcohol on the bus?
Yes , absolutely! Guests are always welcome to bring alcohol along on private tours, pub crawls, bachelorette parties, etc. You can bring a cooler on the bus and you're welcome to bring your own ice and beer and load up the cooler. No glass bottles are allowed unless alcohol is poured into plastic cups to prevent breakage on the bus. You must also bring a garbage bag along and clean up after yourselves. If an extreme mess is left on the bus, a $250 clean-up fee will be applied to your tour. Please note: This applied to guests 21 and older only and if anyone is over-served or disruptive, they will be asked to leave by the guide. 

 Below are the Tours that We Offer as Private Tours. Use the Form Below to Choose the Type of Tour that you Would Like to Book for your Group. Keep in Mind that we do offer a Mixture of Tours, so if there is anything that you want to Add, Be Sure to Let us know in the Comments Section!
Haunted History Tour
This is our standard (although rarely ever the same thing twice!) tour of Chicago's most haunted places, crime spots, disaster sites and all around weird stuff. We travel throughout the city in search of Chicago's spookiest and strangest places and take visitors along for a first-hand look at what makes it one of the most haunted cities in America! This 3-hour tour offers both on and off the bus locations and visits a wide array of authentic haunts on the north side, west side and the Loop. Each tour is different but is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine! Embraced by ghost enthusiasts and history buffs alike, you won't find another ghost tour like it in Chicago!
South Side Spirits Tour
Our tour to the “other side” of the Windy City is a classic look at some of the most haunted places in the city – a mixture of ghosts, gangsters, macabre crimes and everything else that makes our tours so great and has earned us fantastic reviews! This 3-hour tour offers on and off the bus locations and visits the near south side of Chicago’s many ghosts, dark history and mysterious happenings! Each tour is different and is guaranteed to make you sleep with the lights on when you get home at night! Great for ghost enthusiasts and history buffs alike -- it may scare you and unnerve you, but it will never bore you!
Blood, Guns & Valentines Crime Tour! 
Another Weird Chicago Original! 
Join us for a "Bloody Chicago" ghosts and crime tour as we explore gangland sites, death scenes and the city's grisliest and most haunted crime spots. We'll revisit not only the Capone and gangster sites of yesterday but horrific tales of blood and horror from Chicago's haunted past from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to Dillinger's Alley, Chicago's "Thrill Killers," and much more!
Weird Chicago's "Devil & the White City" Tour!
 A Weird Chicago Original -- Accept No Imitations!
Join us for a special tour of the history, mystery and hauntings surrounding the bloodthirsty life of H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer, who operated the infamous "Murder Castle" during Chicago's Columbian Exposition in 1893! Locations include the "Murder Castle" site,  Remnants of the 1893 World's Fair locations, murder sites, ghost stories and more! A special, historical excursion into the history and mystery of the 1893 Columbian Exposition and the dark, bloody and ghostly tales connected to H.H. Holmes!
Weird Chicago's Haunted History Pub Crawl
Our Weird Pub Crawl visits the city's most haunted, most unusual and strangest pubs and taverns. Some of the stops may include the Liar's Club, a weird and haunted punk club with a long history of murder and mysterious events ; the Cobra Lounge, a haunted former brothel; Delilah's, with not only hundreds of different kinds of whiskey, but resident ghosts as well; Mrs. Murphy's, a former funeral home turned Irish bistro that boasts its own strange activity; and many others. But no matter where we go, you can be sure to have a great, spooky time with a unique commentary from Weird Chicago and an introduction to some of the strangest and off-the-beaten-path spots that Chicago has to offer! Perfect for corporate events!
Roaring '20s Pub Crawl Tour
The booze, jazz and gangsters that made 1920s Chicago roar! An adults-only tour of Chicago's most famous crime and gangster hangouts, the history of booze and Prohibition in the city and the famous Red Light Districts that made the Windy City notorious all over the world! Experience the sleazy and sinister side of Chicago first-hand as we prowl the dark streets in search of the remnants of the Roaring '20s with bar stops, crime scenes, and more!
Weird Chicago Booze History Tour
Another Weird Chicago Original tour! If you are a Beer Geek or a Whiskey Snob, we have the tour for you -- the city's first Beer & Spirits History Tour! Take a trip through Chicago's' drunken past with a close look at the years of Prohibition! Hear new tales of gangsters, booze and drinking establishments like panel houses and speakeasies! Our journey will explore the modern trend of brew pub and slashies, and stop by several pubs along the way. Our bars are not just any bar, though, they reflect something about Chicago's past, present and educate you about our city's connection with beer, spirits and wine. This tour is for those 21 years of age and older with ID. We hold the right to refuse service to anyone that is over-served.  Be prepared for an afternoon of day drinking and fun in Chicago. There is no other tour like this in the city!!
Great for Bachelor Parties, History Buffs & Corporate Events!
Red Light District Sex Tour
Join Weird Chicago for a walk on the wild side of Chicago with this historical tour of "Sex in the Windy City", including some of the sexiest spots around on an exploration of the kinky, freaky and little -known locations of the famous local sex industry. This is a wild and entertaining tour of the naughty side of Chicago. We will examine Chicago's sexy past from the city's original Red Light Districts, the World's first Playboy Club, Adults-Only Toy Shops, S&M dungeons, and much more! This tour is for adults only, 18 and up, with ID required. Clothing, open minds & polite attitudes requested! Perfect for Private Groups who want to try something on the freaky side of Chicago! Note: $50 Additional Charge for all Red Light District Sex Tours

This is the tour that's been Featured on the National News -- America's ONLY Sex Tour!
Other Weird Chicago Tours to Choose From!
We also offer other Weird Chicago Tours as private tours (See home page for details!), including:
* Public Enemies / Dillinger Tour
* Weird Chicago  True Crime & Mystery Tour
* We also offer combinations of pretty much any of the tours listed above!

Prices are the same and you can write in any of these selections in the "Comments" box below!

 We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover.

Here's what we will need to know when you call:

* Name

* Email Address
* Telephone Number
* Billing Address
* Credit Card Information

* Size of Tour You Want to Book

Group of 14 people or Less:  $600
$100 Deposit charged now / Additional $500 prior to the tour

Group of up to 23 people:  $800
$100 Deposit charged now / Additional $700 prior to the tour

Group of up to 39 people: $1,200
$100 Deposit charged now / Additional $1,100 prior to the tour

Group of up to 55 people: $1,700
$100 Deposit charged now / Additional $1,600 prior to the tour

Step-On Guide Tour / $500 (Your bus -- Our Guide!)
$100 Deposit charged now / Additional $400 prior to the tour

* Type of Tour You'd Like to Book
* Date and Time of Tour

* Alternate Pick-up & Drop-Off Location:
Note: If we do pick up at anywhere other than 600 North Clark Street, there is a $50 charge for time, gas and distance. We only pick up in the city. We do not travel out to the suburbs for pick-ups because it cuts too much into the time of the tour. Off site pickups are not guaranteed. We arrange them based on our availability.

Call us at 217-791-7859 to book your tour today!

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