The Supernatural History of Our Nation's Most Haunted President!
New Edition Available for the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial!

There is no other figure in American history more closely connected to the supernatural than Abraham Lincoln. In addition to being known as "America's most well-traveled ghost", Lincoln had many brushes with eerie prophecies, strange premonitions and ghostly apparitions during his lifetime. In book from acclaimed Illinois author Troy Taylor, the supernatural life --- and afterlife --- of Lincoln is explored for the first time and offered to the reader with a chilling blend of rich history that details the President's early life, friendships and loves, wartime tragedies and horrific assassination. This chilling volume presents an unusual look at Lincoln --- like no other you have ever seen before.
Along with the chronicle of Lincoln's life, the reader will also discover the spirits of the Lincoln Assassination, the unsolved mystery of John Wilkes Booth, the dark visions of President Lincoln, the documented accounts of Lincoln's sessions with Washington Spiritualists, his obsession with the death of Willie Lincoln, the secrets of the Lincoln Tomb -- and the many haunted places connected to Lincoln's ghost, including Ford's Theater, the mysterious tomb, the Lincoln Home, the White House and others!

Discover the story of the Lincoln Funeral Train and its eerie journey across the country, the lingering spirits of those involved in the assassination, the mysterious afterlife of John Wilkes Booth, and much more!

This is the perfect book for history enthusiasts, Lincoln buffs and ghost book readers alike. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying Lincoln's connections to and fascination with the supernatural. This book makes a unique addition to any Lincoln buff's library!

The Bicentennial Edition (2009) of the "Haunted President" Includes:

OUT OF THE PRAIRIE: The Early Life of Lincoln
Discover the early life of our nation's most haunted leader and how events in his childhood may have led to his strange and melancholy life and his weird brushes with psychic visions, prophetic dreams and supernatural visitations.

RIVER TOWN: History & Hauntings in New Salem
Lincoln's connections to the now lost town of New Salem, along with the lost love that shaped his life to come and the mysterious hauntings that have plagued this former town for more than a century and a half

Lincoln's life in the Prairie Capital and on the law circuit of early Illinois. Experience the beginnings of Lincoln's political career, his personal and political rivalries, his stormy marriage, the death of Eddie Lincoln, the duel that he almost fought, his rise to the presidency and his strange dream of death in 1860

President Lincoln comes to Washington amid death threats and rumors of assassination. Discover how the Civil War was shaped by visions, strange tales and Spiritualism and the dark effect that it had on the President.

The darkest tragedy of Lincoln's life occurred with the death of his son Willie in the White House. Experience how this horrific event changed the life of President Lincoln and First Lady, Mary Lincoln -- and how it turned the Lincolns to Spiritualism as a way to contact their dead son.

THE DARK SEANCE POLKA: Lincoln & the Spiritualists
Uncover the evidence of Lincoln's connections to Spiritualism and read documented accounts of his participation in sťances at the White House and in private homes in Washington. Lincoln was not only a believer in contact with the dead -- he actually participated in it, and according to records, used mediums to influence decisions of the Civil War

The mysterious dreams that were experienced by the President just days before his death. Includes recollections of his friends and staff members about the prophetic visions that led up to the assassination.

"NOW HE BELONGS TO THE AGES..": Spirits, History & Mystery of the Lincoln Assassination
One of the most mysterious -- and controversial -- chapters of the book, exploring the conspiracies of the Lincoln Assassination and the many ghosts and hauntings connected to it. Including the events of Lincoln's final moments; the Mystery of John Wilkes Booth and the possibility that he survived his alleged death; the enigmatic Boston Corbett; the Ghosts of Ford's Theater; The Curse of Mary Lincoln; The Robert Lincoln "Curse"; the Tragedy of Clara Harris & Major Rathbone; the Hauntings of Mary Surratt; the Ghost of Dr. Mudd; and more

The tragic, and often bizarre, history of the legendary Lincoln Funeral Train. Travel along as Lincoln's remains journey from Washington, through the East Coast's major cities, to Chicago and then to Springfield and Lincoln's final resting place. Discover the strange funeral rites, the violent riots, the eerie customs and the desperation over Lincoln's death -- and of course, the ghostly legends of the funeral train that continue to be told today

The weird and chilling history of the Lincoln tomb and the strange journey that was taken by Lincoln's corpse from the time of his Springfield funeral to the time of his final rest -- more than four decades later! Uncover the plot to steal Lincoln's body and hold it for ransom, as well as what happened to the President's body in the days, months and years that followed. Did the strange history of Lincoln's tomb create a haunting?

The history of Lincoln's Springfield home -- the only house that he ever owned -- and the stories of hauntings and ghosts that have been associated with the house for decades. The Lincoln Home is haunted, according to many, but the ghost is someone that no one would suspect!

If there is one place where Lincoln's ghost is most likely to haunt, it is undoubtedly the White House. Discover the long history of sightings of Lincoln's ghost at the White House and the amazing list of witnesses who claimed to have encountered his spirit there.

Don't Miss Out on the 2009 Bicentennial Edition of THE HAUNTED PRESIDENT -- the first full-length book on the Supernatural Life of Abraham Lincoln!

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