Welcome to Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain & The Ghosts of the Past Still Linger!
With over 100 years under its belt, Oklahoma has not only a very colorful, but also a very haunted history.  Ghostlahoma is the first book on the market that is solely dedicated to Oklahoma ghost stories and it will take you from the very first published ghost story in Oklahoma to specters of the present day, chilling you with tales of phantom hitch hikers and warming you with stories of "visiting" loved ones. Everyone has a ghost story -- even people that "don't believe in that stuff"-- and the stories that comprise Ghostlahoma were submitted by, and in many instances told by, the people that experienced them. So, we invite you to join us as we travel through the haunted history of Ghostlahoma in a way that has never been done before!



Tonya Hacker & Tammy Wilson are lifelong residents of Oklahoma and have spent many years showcasing the history and hauntings of the state through their websites, writings, their adventures with Eerie Oklahoma, hosting ghost tours and as paranormal bloggers and radio show hosts with “Ghost Divas Live!” They work hard to keep the legends alive with spooky tales from the great state of “Ghostlahoma”!

Ghostlahoma travels all over the state, collecting eerie stories, chilling legends and first-hand accounts, including -- Oklahoma's First Documented Ghost Story, The Frisco Bar in Enid, The "Purple Church", Guthrie's Black Jail, Vina Rae's Grill & Graze, The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, Clay Hall of Northern Oklahoma College, The Legendary "Shaman's Portal", Oklahoma's Own "Dead Man's Curve", The Haunted Elks Lodge in El Reno, Oklahoma's Phantom Hitchhikers, Woodward Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Oklahoma University, Spirits of Sapulpa, Oklahoma City's Bricktown, Dead Woman's Crossing, The Carmen Home & Many More!  The book also features guest contributors like Troy Taylor, Russell White, Shirley McCoy, Beth Reaves, Regina Walker, a Foreword by Janice Oberding, and several others.

Ghostlahoma is a must-have book for anyone's collection of ghost stories from around the country and features dozens of stories that have never appeared in print before! Order Your Copy today!