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The History, Mystery & Unexplained of the Prairie State by Troy Taylor

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Mysterious Illinois by Troy Taylor (2006)
The History, Mystery & Unexplained of the Prairie State ---

For nearly two decades, Troy Taylor has been delving into the ghosts and haunted places in the state of Illinois but in this book, the author takes a journey down a darker road and takes readers on a search for the strange, terrifying and bizarre in this mysterious region. For centuries, Illinois has played host to the unexplained from the ancient mysteries of Cahokia, the stone forts of southern Illinois, anomalous petroglyphs and many other oddities from our distant past. Journey back in time to this lost era and then go on a hunt for the state’s chilling creatures, including Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, phantom panthers, water creatures and some of the strangest beasts to ever walk on four feet –-- or two! Finally, take the plunge into the depths of the unexplained as we search for answers to the state’s greatest enigmas like the Macomb Poltergeist, Williamsburg Hill, Illinois’ spook lights, Watseka Wonder, Illinois’ sky mysteries, flying saucer invasions, Illinois vampires, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and much more! Don’t miss out on this amazing book --- including accounts, stories, eyewitness reports and in-depth research that has never appeared in print before! This is a book not to miss and a unique addition to the popular “Haunted Illinois Series”.  $16.95


Troy Taylor is the author of nearly 40 books on ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained in Illinois and America. He is the founder of the American Ghost Society and the co-owner and manager of the Illinois Hauntings Tour Co. with tours in Alton, Chicago and Springfield. Born and raised in Illinois, he currently resides among the corn fields in the central part of the state in a decidedly non-haunted house.
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Stories & Locations in "Mysterious Illinois" Include:

The Vanishing of Cahokia - Mysterious Stone Forts - Mysteries of Fountain Bluff - History & Mystery of Dickson Mounds - Ancient Mysteries at Cave-in-Rock - Mystery of Burrows Cave

Out in the Woods: Bigfoot in Illinois - Big Muddy Monster - The “Enfield Horror” - Lions, Panthers & Big Cats: Phantom Felines of Illinois - Illinois’ Phantom Kangaroos - Under the Surface: Mysterious Water Creatures - The Mystery of the Piasa: Legend or Truth? Keep Watching the Skies: Thunderbirds Over Illinois - Lawndale Thunderbird Attack

The Macomb Poltergeist - Mysterious Williamsburg Hill - Mystery of the Albino Railroad Tracks - Illinois Spook Lights - Old Union Cemetery Lights - Greenwood Ghost Lights - Ghost Lights of the Miles Mausoleum - Bixby Ghost Light - Maple Lake Ghost Light - The “Joliet Singer” - The Watseka Wonder - The Virgin Mary Comes to Illinois - The “Jesus Tree” - “Our Lady of the Underpass” - The Diamond Island Mystery - Mystery Airship in the Illinois Sky - Flying Saucers Invade Illinois - The 2000 UFO Invasion - Chester Destroyed by UFO’s! - The Grass Lake Encounters - Illinois Phantom Attackers - The Blue Phantom of Route 66 - Illinois Vampires & Sinister Attackers - The Spring Valley Vampire - The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

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