Mysterious Kentucky (2007): What do UFO's, Bigfoot, Pterosaurs, Leprechauns, Lizard Men, Water Monsters and Werewolves all have in common? They have all been encountered in the Bluegrass State! In “Mysterious Kentucky”, the reader will discover how Kentucky ranks as one of the strangest states in America and lays claim to an astounding number of bizarre events and is haunted by a plethora of unexplained phenomena that is sure to send shivers down the spines of even the most hardened anomaly buffs.  Does Bigfoot really prowl the lonely bottomlands and virgin forests of the region? According to thousands of Kentuckians he does! And he does not walk here alone – in addition to this man-beast, readers will also discover the ‘Beast of LBL”; the “Spottsville Monster”; a pack of terrifying werewolves; water creatures that lurk beneath Kentucky lakes and rivers; and more! You will also explore the state’s mysterious past, complete with vanished races, diminutive beings and impossibly ancient cultures and the anomalous artifacts they left behind. Find out what secrets the ancient Native American burial mounds and immense cave systems conceal - like giant human skeletal remains, petrified mummies and more! With mysteries in the sky, on the land and in the water, “Mysterious Kentucky” has it all and is sure to satisfy anyone with a taste for the unknown. Discover why Kentucky was called “the dark and bloody ground” --- if you dare! $15.95

Bigfoot in Kentucky (2011):
There is little doubt that the state of Kentucky is one of the strangest places in the country. The “dark and bloody ground” of the Native Americans has given birth to accounts of UFO’s, flying creatures, Lizard Men and even werewolves. But one monster stands out above the rest – Bigfoot! There are so many sightings of these hairy giants in the Bluegrass State that it has come to be ranked as one of the most active for Bigfoot sightings east of the Mississippi River! In his latest title, B.M. Nunnelly, author of Mysterious Kentucky, has collected Bigfoot reports, sightings and first-hand accounts from every county in the state, compiling a fascinating documentation of ordinary people and their encounters with the unknown.   Delve into the long, strange history of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass State, from the “Wildman” reports of the 1800s to recent encounters in the forested regions of Kentucky, and find out why this is such a mysterious place. This is a book that is bound to satisfy your cravings for the unusual and may just have you roaming the woods and hills in hopes of an encounter of your own! $15.00

Mysterious Illinois by Troy Taylor

Strange Highways by Jerry Coleman

More Strange Highways by Jerry Coleman

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