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Author Troy Taylor is also the Founder of the Illinois Hauntings Tour Co., which offers ghost tours in Chicago, Alton, Decatur, Springfield & Beyond!
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HAUNTED ILLINOIS by Troy Taylor  (2004)

New, Revised & Updated Edition --- The Travel Guide to the History & Hauntings of the Prairie State! The new edition of the author’s bestselling book returns once again to the desolate dwellings, ghostly graveyards, haunted cities and spirit-infested prairies of Illinois, expanding to include more than 50 new stories and locations that were not included in earlier editions of the book! Combining thrilling tales with historic research, the book takes a spine-tingling look at a part of the state’s history that few of the inhabitants ever see. In this new and revised edition, Taylor expands the original book with dozens of new locations and presents it in a traveler-friendly format with locations details and directions that allow the reader to visit the spirited sites of Illinois on their own. Discover the dark history, haunted places and strange regions of the state, including southern Illinois’ most famous haunts, ghosts along the river in southwestern Illinois, ghosts of the prairie, hauntings of northern Illinois and of course, tales from Chicago --- the most haunted city in America. Don’t miss this new edition because the earlier books were only the beginning!  $19.95

MYSTERIOUS ILLINOIS by Troy Taylor (2006)

The History, Mystery & Unexplained of the Prairie State --- For nearly two decades, Troy Taylor has been delving into the ghosts and haunted places in the state of Illinois but in this book, the author takes a journey down a darker road and takes readers on a search for the strange, terrifying and bizarre in this mysterious region. For centuries, Illinois has played host to the unexplained from the ancient mysteries of Cahokia, the stone forts of southern Illinois, anomalous petroglyphs and many other oddities from our distant past. Journey back in time to this lost era and then go on a hunt for the state’s chilling creatures, including Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, phantom panthers, water creatures and some of the strangest beasts to ever walk on four feet –-- or two! Finally, take the plunge into the depths of the unexplained as we search for answers to the state’s greatest enigmas like the Macomb Poltergeist, Williamsburg Hill, Illinois’ spook lights, Watseka Wonder, Illinois’ sky mysteries, flying saucer invasions, Illinois vampires, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and much more! Don’t miss out on this amazing book --- including accounts, stories, eyewitness reports and in-depth research that has never appeared in print before! This is a book not to miss and a unique addition to the popular “Haunted Illinois Series”.  $16.95

THE HAUNTED PRESIDENT by Troy Taylor (2005)

The History, Hauntings & Supernatural Life of Abraham Lincoln --
There is no other figure in American history more closely connected to the supernatural than Abraham Lincoln. In addition to being known as "America's most well-traveled ghost", Lincoln had many brushes with eerie prophecies, strange premonitions and ghostly apparitions during his lifetime. In this long-awaited book,  the supernatural life --- and afterlife --- of Lincoln is explored for the first time and offered to the reader with a chilling blend of rich history that details the President's early life, friendships and loves, wartime tragedies and horrific assassination.  Along with the chronicle of Lincoln's life, the reader will also discover the spirits of the Lincoln Assassination, the unsolved mystery of John Wilkes Booth, the dark visions of President Lincoln, the documented accounts of Lincoln's sessions with Washington Spiritualists, his obsession with the death of Willie Lincoln, the secrets of the Lincoln Tomb -- and the many haunted places connected to Lincoln's ghost, including Ford's Theater, the mysterious tomb, the Lincoln Home, the White House and much more!  $14.95

HAUNTED CHICAGO by Troy Taylor (2003)

The History & Hauntings of the Windy City --- Discover the dark history and eerie ghosts of the most haunted city in America as Taylor takes you back in time to re-visit the violent events, mysterious past and horrific tales of Chicago. This new book in the "Haunted Illinois" series weaves through the beginnings of the city with tales of corruption, crime and chilling violence, including stories of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained! Not simply a book of ghost stories but a blood-drenched account of how the history of Chicago has created the hauntings of today! Visit haunted graveyards, search for vanishing hitchhikers, explore haunted churches, restaurants and taverns, enter haunted houses and be terrified by Chicago’s darkest ghost tales -- those of crime, disaster, death and murder! Don’t miss out on both little-known tales and old favorites like Resurrection Mary, Bachelor’s Grove, the St, Valentine’s Day Massacre -- told as only Troy Taylor can tell them! The most complete book ever on Chicago ghosts!  $18.95

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: BLOODY CHICAGO by Troy Taylor (2006)

The History & Mystery of Chicago Crime:
The “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” saga begins with the first book in the series by Troy Taylor and reveals the dark and crime-ridden history of Chicago! Join the author for a look at how the crime, violence and death of yesterday have created the hauntings of today in what has been called “the most haunted city in America”! This page-turning thriller delves into Chicago’s tales of crime, corruption, violence and bloody murder, from the days of gangland violence to the most perplexing unsolved mysteries in the city, and presents a unique perspective on the origins of Chicago’s many ghost stories and unsettling legends. $18.95

HAUNTED ALTON by Troy Taylor (2003)

History & Hauntings from the Meeting of the Great Rivers! A New Book in the “Haunted Illinois Series”! From its dark and haunted past as a dismal Mississippi River town to its days as the site of a horrific Civil War prison, the city of Alton has a history like no other place in Illinois! In the original edition of his book, Haunted Alton, author Troy Taylor took readers on a journey back in time with the first book ever written about this region. Now, in this new, revised and updated edition, Taylor has expanded the original legends and has added dozens of chilling new tales, along with more history and more hauntings from the historic region where the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers meet! Discover new and classic accounts of haunted places like the Mineral Springs Hotel, the Cracker Factory, the Underground Railroad, the First Unitarian Church, the old Alton Penitentiary, the Enos Sanitarium, haunted houses, schools and graveyards & much more --- including the most complete account ever of the hauntings at Alton's infamous McPike Mansion! $16.95

Haunted Decatur : The 13th Anniversary Edition by Troy Taylor (2006)

Thirteen years ago, author Troy Taylor put Decatur, Illinois on the map as one of the most haunted small cities in America and this year, he returns to these haunted streets for a new look at some of the most chilling locations he has ever written about! Journey back in time and delve into the “haunted heart of Illinois” in a way that you have never done before. Encounter the many ghosts and spirited spots of Decatur, a city built on Indian burial grounds and settler’s graveyards, and find out just how many of the historic homes, schools and universities, cemeteries and theaters are teeming with ghosts! Discover the haunted people and places of old Decatur and explore new sites, new stories and old favorites like infamous Greenwood Cemetery, the Lincoln Theater, the Avon Theater, Millikin University and much more! This is the ultimate journey into a side of Haunted Illinois that few ever dare to take!

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