History & Hauntings of American Disasters by Troy Taylor & Rene Kruse (2012)

More American Hauntings & Horrors by Troy Taylor & Rene Kruse (2012)
Disasters and calamities have left a bloodstain on the history of America, frequently causing ghosts and hauntings to follow in their wake. In this first book of its kind, authors Troy Taylor and Rene Kruse present a blood-curdling account of death and horror like nothing you have ever read before! Arranged by the often devastating elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, they have collected stories of floods, hurricanes, epidemics, mine disasters, earthquakes, fires, explosions, shipwrecks, blizzards, train collisions, aircraft crashes, tornadoes – all linked to a history of ghosts and the supernatural. See how these terrible events in our country's past have given birth to tales of eerie contact with the other side!  

Discover the history and hauntings of the New Madrid Earthquake, Fort Dearborn Massacre, Ashtabula Bridge Disaster, Pennsylvania Mine Fires, Wellington Avalanche, Hammond Circus Train Wreck, Galveston Hurricane, 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic, Hemingway’s Hurricane, Hindenburg Crash, Donora Death Fog, Ghosts of Flight 401, Great Chicago Fire, Collinwood School Fire, Triangle Factory Fire, Cocoanut Grove, Hartford Circus Fire, Our Lady of Angels, Johnstown Flood, Sinking of the General Slocum, Titanic and much more...

Some of them you have never heard before and some may be a little too close to home. Many will frighten you, others will disturb you and some of them will have you looking over your shoulder as you read. Be warned --- They are not tales for the faint of heart! $20
Chilling Stories in the Book Include:


The Jamestown Massacre

When the Mississippi Ran Backward: New Madrid Earthquake

Fort Dearborn Massacre

Picnic Train Tragedy

Avondale Mine Disaster

Revere Railroad Accident

Horror for the Holidays: Ashtabula Bridge Disaster

Great San Francisco Earthquake

Deadliest Month: Naomi, Monongah & Darr Mine Disasters

White Death: Wellington Avalanche Disaster

Circus Train Disaster

Dutchman’s Curve: Great Train Wreck of Nashville

Milford Mine Disaster

Hawk’s Nest Tunnel Tragedy



Hell Hollow & the Winter of the Deep Snow

Great St. Louis Cyclone

Great Galveston Hurricane

Behold, A Pale Rider: Spanish Influenza Epidemic

Hemingway’s Hurricane

“Oh, the Humanity”: The Hindenburg Disaster

Woodward: Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornado

The Donora Death Fog

Ghosts of Flight 401

Lingering Spirits of Flight 191


City in Flames: The Great Chicago Fire

The Great Peshtigo Fire

Final Act at the Brooklyn Theatre

The Iroquois Theater Disaster

Collinwood School Fire

Rhoads Opera House Fire

Cherry Mine Fire

The Triangle Factory Fire

The Cleveland Clinic Fire

Ohio State Penitentiary Fire

New London School Explosion

Dinner, Dancing & Death: Cocoanut Grove Fire

Death Under the Big Top: Hartford Circus Fire

Innocence Lost: Our Lady of Angels Fire



Sinking of the San Francisco

Women & Children Last: Wreck of the Arctic

Sinking of the S.S. Sultana

History of the Johnstown Flood

Burning of the General Slocum


Death in Just 18 Feet of Water: The Eastland Disaster

Mulholland’s Fall: The St. Francis Dam Collapse

Over 300 Pages with Hundreds of Photos!

American history has seen no shortage of death, calamity and disaster and perhaps for this reason, our past is teeming with ghosts. In this sequel to their earlier book – And Hell Followed With It – authors Troy Taylor and Rene Kruse return to the blood-soaked annals of American disasters for another chilling look at the terrible tales and lingering spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Blood. They have collected new stories of floods, storms, mine accidents, infernos, blizzards, train wrecks, hurricanes and more – and have added a new chapter on history’s bloodiest massacres and the ghosts they all left behind! 

This new collection of stories is even more horrifying than the first volume, often uncovering tales that were never told, simply because they were too terrifying to consider – from devastating railroad disasters to deadly fires, unbelievable death tolls, unimaginable storms and massacres carried out by zealots and madmen that are almost too terrible to comprehend. More frightening than the previous volume, this is one of the most disturbing books you’ll ever read! $20
Chilling Stories in the Book Include:

Two Disasters for the Price of One: The Pemberton Mill Disaster
The “Angola Horror” Train Wreck
The Loss of “Human Freight”: The Bussey Bridge Collapse
The Excursion Train Disaster: Death in Chatsworth, Illinois
 Indian Territory Mine Disaster
The “Death Trap” Disaster: The Atlantic City Railroad Disaster Death at the Winter Quarters Mine
Two Tragedies in Five Years: The Hanna Mine Disasters
The Malbone Street Disaster: Death on the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Train
“There was No Escape from the Wave”: The Boston Molasses Flood
Castle Gate Mine Disaster
The “Doodlebug” Disaster: Death on the Rails in Ohio
Ghosts of the Great Naperville Train Wreck
Trolley of Death: Chicago’s Green Hornet Trolley Disaster
Death Came for Christmas: The Orient #2 Mine Disaster
The Woodbridge Train Wreck: The Crash of the “Broker” –

Desperate Passage: History & Hauntings of the Donner Party The Children’s Blizzard
“Typhoid Mary”: The Sad Tale of Mary Mallon
Daughter of the Stars: Crash of the Airship Shenandoah
The Tri-State Tornado
Living & Dead in Sunny Florida: Great Miami Hurricane
Voices of Children: The Great New England Hurricane
Ghosts of “Crash Canyon”: The Grand Canyon Airline Disaster
“Seven Inmates Perish in the Flames”: Ohio’s Central Lunatic Asylum
Sixty Acres of Ruin: The Great Boston Fire
The Making of Heroes: The Southern Hotel Fire
“A Scene of Wildest Confusion”: The Newhall House Fire
Ghosts of the Burning Ship: The Hoboken Docks Fire
Cleveland’s Greatest Shame: The S.S. Kresge Explosion
“48 Perish in Old Folks Home”: The Little Sisters of the Poor Home Fire
America’s Forgotten Nightclub Fire: The Rhythm Club Disaster
Ghosts of America’s Greatest Hotel Fire: The Winecoff Disaster
One Gallon of Gasoline and Two Matches: The Happyland Social Club Fire

Death on the Ohio River: The Moselle Disaster
Titanic of the Great Lakes: Wreck of the Lady Elgin
The Mill River Disaster
The Sea Islands Hurricane
Death on the Cuyahoga: Cleveland’s Whiskey Island Disaster The Portland Gale
The Great Ohio River Flood
“A Madman on the Deck”: The Morro Castle Disaster

The Deerfield Massacre
The Bloody Prophet: The Slave Rebellion of Nat Turner
The Bloody Texas War for Independence
“None will be Spared”: The Mountain Meadows Massacre
“John Brown’s Body”: The Bloody Events at Harper’s Ferry
Murder and Butchery: The Fort Pillow Massacre
Bloody Easter Sunday: The Colfax Massacre
Blood on the Grass: The Battle at Little Bighorn
The Rock Springs Massacre
There was Blood: The Ludlow Massacre
Ghosts of Harrison Woods: The Herrin Labor Massacre
Hell Came to Michigan: The Horror of the Bath School Massacre

Over 300 Pages and Scores of Horrific Photographs & Disaster Scenes! 

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