The Ghost Research Home Study Course is offered by author and paranormal researcher Troy Taylor through the American Ghost Society, one of the country's largest and most respected paranormal research groups. The American Ghost Society investigates ghosts and hauntings in a non-metaphysical manner, applying science and deductive reasoning to seek out the source and behind a haunting. This history-intensive organization applies both historical research and scientific equipment as part of its investigations and the Ghost Research Course will help to develop your methods in both of these areas.

Troy Taylor's program (which was first developed in 2000 and has been updated many times since it started) is an an alternative course to the bizarre and questionable so-called "certification" courses available on the internet from so-called "experts" in the field of paranormal research. One of the first thing that Taylor's course will show you is that there are no "experts" in this complex and ever-changing field, but will show you how to develop your skills and methods and improve on your investigation criteria.

The Home Study Course uses Troy Taylor's Ghost Hunter's Guidebook (2010 Edition) as the text book for the class and, as a bonus, also includes the book Strange Frequencies  as a must-have guide for anyone using technology in their investigations. The Guidebook is the manual for the course and students are asked to complete an exam on the material, as well as assignments that must be completed to finish the course. Those who graduate are then issued a certificate of completion from the AGS and are also given a one-year membership in the American Ghost Society.

This is an intensive course but it can be finished at the student's own speed. The course is not meant to be a phony "certification course" that claims to make the student an "expert" ghost hunter. It is designed to help the student to become a better and more thorough ghost researcher and to assist them with investigations and deeper research into the paranormal.

Ghost Hunter's Guidebook (2010 Edition) Manual for the Ghost Research Course

Strange Frequencies -- Bonus book for Serious Investigators

The course, text and exam includes things like:

* A detailed introduction to the essentials of ghost research.

Learn about the scientific framework of ghost investigating; what ghosts really are and how to find them; Types of ghostly phenomena from Traditional Hauntings to Poltergeists; Where to find ghosts

The Ghost Hunter's Tool Kit, from basic items to high-tech equipment; detailed uses for paranormal detection equipment, including EMF meters, Geiger counters and motion detectors; temperature sensing equipment, humidity gauges, testing for PK activity and the use of psychic triggers in investigations.

  Paranormal Photography How-to-Guide; Hints and Tips, Infrared Photography; Best uses of a camera during an investigation; Digital Photography; also, new sections that expose "orbs" and photo analysis.

* An exploration of spirit communication; Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and how researchers can get authentic evidence of spirit voices caught on tape.

* Rules and Step-by-Step Methods of Conducting Investigations; Putting Research into Practice; Contacting Haunted Home Owners and getting permission to investigate public buildings ; Interviewing witnesses; Getting Rid of Ghosts, plus guides to conducting "Ghost Watches" and tracking down the history of haunted houses.

* Setting up ghost research groups, dealing with the media and the general public, and more.

And this just scratches the surface -- there is no other Ghost Research Course like this one available! Course fee includes test booklet, Ghost Hunter's Guidebook, Strange Frequencies, Certificate of Completion (when course is finished) and one-year membership in the American Ghost Society -- a great value and education for only $75.00


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