The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook
The Common Sense Guide to Paranormal Research (2010) by Troy Taylor


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Tired of the television shows that make a mockery of paranormal research? Tired of dead ends when it comes to obtaining authentic evidence of the paranormal? You're not alone � as author, researcher and American Ghost Society founder Troy Taylor reveals in the new, revised, updated and final edition of the acclaimed "Ghost Hunter's Guidebook". In the new edition, Taylor reveals what it really takes to be a credible paranormal researcher and offers detailed methods for investigating homes, buildings and graveyards; guides for collecting evidence, photographs and EVP and a step-by-step guide to historical research � which offers the most authentic proof of a haunting that can be obtained. Unlike any other paranormal guide on the market, this book offers information that you won�t find anywhere else!

 Since its inception in the middle 1990s, Taylor's "Guidebook" has been the most often imitated (but never equaled) book on the paranormal market and he has now written what will be the final edition of the guide --- a larger, more illustrated, common sense guide to paranormal research. Forget everything you thought you knew about ghost hunting, from gadgets to cameras, and find out what it really takes to get authentic proof of the unknown! $17.00

Here's a Look at what you can expect from the Ghost Hunter's Guidebook:

* A detailed introduction to the essentials of ghost research, including recent updates in the field, a look at latest ghost hunting "fads", and more. Then, take a look at the foundations of psychical research, including a biography of groundbreaking ghost hunter Harry Price. This includes a full-length analysis of his controversial career and a look at his investigations of Borley Rectory, a haunted house that set the stage for how investigations are conducted today.

* Learn about the common sense framework of ghost investigating; what ghosts really are and how to find them; Types of ghostly phenomena from Traditional Hauntings to Poltergeists, including a new section of updated theories about Residual Hauntings, connecting them to water and underground water sources; Where to find ghosts; the Trouble with Ghostlore; Frequently asked questions about ghosts and hauntings; and more!

* Delve into the Ghost Hunter's Tool Kit and see just how useful electronic devices and gadgets have proven to be in ghost research -- and what actual evidence has been revealed with their use. Take a look at both basic items and high-tech equipment, temperature sensing devices, tests for psychic abilities, psychic triggers and more.

* A history of ghosts on film and spirit photography; Paranormal Photography How-to-Guide; Hints and Tips, Infrared Photography; Best uses of a camera during an investigation; Digital Photography; also, new sections that debunk "orbs" once and for all; Photo analysis; detecting trickery; video in investigations and more! Final Guidebook also replaces the author's book on spirit photography, "Ghosts on Film".

* An exploration of spirit communication, including information on automatic writing, talking boards, table tipping and s�ances! Expanded sections on communication during psychical investigations, an expos� on so-called "spirit boxes" and other frauds carried out in the field; expanded sections on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and how researchers can get authentic evidence of spirit voices caught on tape!

* Expanded section on Rules and Step-by-Step Methods of Conducting Investigations; Putting Research into Practice; Contacting Haunted Home Owners and getting permission to investigate public buildings (including a sample contact letter); Interviewing witnesses; Getting Rid of Ghosts, plus guides to conducting "Ghost Watches"!

* An expanded section on the actual how-to's of authenticating a haunting! No more guesswork or depending on psychics and questionable gadgets, this is a step-by-step guide to tracking down the history of a house, searching out the previous occupants and actually proving that your haunting is authentic!

* A complete guide to conducting investigations in cemeteries, including detailed assistance in tracking down the history of the location, gravestones and markers and even those buried in the cemetery. Also, a step-by-step guide to conducting the investigation and collecting authentic evidence. Takes you beyond just snapping photos in graveyards and shows you how to make this a real investigation! Final Guidebook also replaces the author's book on cemetery research, "Field Guide to Haunted Graveyards".

* Expanded sections on setting up ghost research groups, dealing with the media and the general public, putting together a ghost tour and for the first time -- a guide about why, and why not, to do a ghost conference!

* Plus, additional sections for home owners with hauntings, a glossary of ghostly terms and much, much more! There is no other book like this one on the market! The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook has inspired many other guides since it first appeared in 1997 but no other is as complete or concise! Accept no imitations -- this is the real thing!

Strange Frequencies
A Practical Guide to Paranormal Technology (2008)
by Craig Telesha

The Haunted Field Guide Series continues with an essential guide to everything a ghost researcher needs to know about using technology to track down evidence of the paranormal. In this compelling and highly readable guide, the author uncovers the real science behind ghost research; offers a wealth of information on the uses of a wide variety of equipment; and offers in-depth instructional knowledge on the best ways to use technical equipment during an investigation. The book explores how to use temperature equipment, EMF meters, recording devices, cameras, video equipment, and offers a hard look at the use of �ghost boxes�, which have become so popular in the paranormal community. With this volume, the reader will not only learn to use just about every type of paranormal tech device on the market, but will also learn how to build his own EMF meters, �ghost boxes�, temperature detection equipment, and more, through the use of photographs and detailed schematics. This is a must-have book for every ghost hunter and for anyone who wants to properly use his or her equipment. It is an essential guide to paranormal research and no ghost hunter�s tool kit should be without it!
The Best Paranormal How-To Book Available -- And the Only Tech Book You will ever need!

Here's Just a Little of What you Can Expect from Strange Frequencies:

* The Basics tools for every ghost hunter's kit and the knowledge you need to make it all work.

* The ins and outs and how-tos of paranormal photography, from standard 35 mm cameras and photo techniques to everything that you need to know about digital images; infrared / invisible light photography (including how to do it with digital cameras); analyzing photo evidence; avoiding contamination of your photo evidence; analysis of the "orb" phenomenon and matrixing; using a video camera in investigations; and much more.

* Sound recording for ghost hunters; best methods of ITC and the gathering of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP); Direct Radio Voice; the Spiricom movement;an in-depth look at "ghost boxes", how they work, what really happens and how you can actually build one for yourself (including photos and detailed plans and schematics)

* A detailed look at using technology during investigations, from all different kinds of EMF detection equipment to what it all means and how to use it. An essential guide to everything you need to know when using paranormal equipment, including new ideas for old devices, basic equipment, step-by-step methods of using your equipment and what you do -- and don't -- need to have in your tool kit.

* A must-read section on how to build your own recording devices, "ghost boxes", detection equipment and much more. Not just for the tech-head, this is an easy to understand, carefully explained section with all of the knowledge that you need to create your own equipment for investigations. Includes step-by-step instructions, photographs and schematics -- even tells you where to find all of the parts!

* Other sections include looks at standard flaws in investigations, working with sensitives and more! Forget about any other paranormal "tech" guide you have seen, this is the real thing and it's been over eight years in the making. If you are serious about using technology in your paranormal research, then this is a must-have book for you!

Talking with the Dead
Casebooks of American Ghost Hunter's (2009)
Collected by Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski

A Collection of 13 Chilling Cases Written by Ghost Hunters from All Across America! In previous volumes of the �Haunted Field Guide Series� from Whitechapel Press, our authors have offered a wide array of how-to information about the world of paranormal research. In this book, researchers have put their words into action! Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski have collected 13 spooky cases from ghost hunters from all across America, detailing their experiences with ghosts as a real-life haunted location � and their eerie contact with the spirits of the dead. Traveling to locations that include the Villisca Ax Murder House, Nemacolin Castle, the Leonis Adobe, Goliad, Cassadega Spiritualist Camp, Jerome, Arizona � the �Wickedest Town in the West�, Alfred�s Victorian Restaurant, Glen Tavern Inn, That Steak Joynt and many others. The book includes the editors, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Richard Senate, Dale Kaczmarek, Rene Kruse, Dusty Smith, Bob Hunnicutt, Pete Haviland, Chad Patterson, John and Kelly Weaver, Maritza Skandunas, Karen Ridens,  and Sharon Gaudette Hieserich. One of the widest arrays of ghost story and investigation books that we have every produced � it�s sure to have you turning the pages long into the night! $15.00

Chapters & Sections in the Book Include:

* Introduction
by Troy Taylor

* The House of Spirits by Rob & Anne Wlodarski

* That Steak Joynt by Dale Kaczmarek

* A Message from the Trickster by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

* A Psychic Investigation at the Glen Tavern Inn by Richard Senate

* Haunted Nemacolin Castle by Rene' Kruse

* The Spirit of Ralph Mesa Speaks  by Maritza Skandunas, Karen Ridens & Sharon Gaudette Hieserich

* The Haunting of Alfred's Victorian by Kelly & John Weaver

* Investigation at the Jerome Grand Hotel  by Chad Patterson

* Camp Cassadega by Dusty Smith

* A Quiet Courage: Death in Goliad by Peter Haviland

* Nights at the Gaither Plantation by Bob Hunnicutt

* Searching for the Ghosts of the Villisca Ax Murder House by Troy Taylor

*Spirits of the Leonis Adobe by Rob & Anne Wlodarski 

Confessions of a Ghost Hunter
Adventures & Misadventures in Ghost Research (2007)
New, Updated & Revised Second Edition!
by Troy Taylor

Author and real life ghost researcher Troy Taylor brought his years of experience with the paranormal to readers with his best selling manual, The Ghost Hunter�s Guidebook. But how did he compile that information and what experiences did he base his research on? Those questions are now answered in this account of the author�s lifelong fascination with the unexplained! This unsettling revised and updated book chronicles Taylor�s adventures, and misadventures, with paranormal research, recounting his own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted houses and more!  $14.95

These stories are compelling, often humorous and almost always chilling as Taylor updates his classic book with a myriad of new and favorite tales like:

* Nights in Haunted Houses
* His First Encounter with the Supernatural
* His First Paranormal Investigation
* The Spirits of the Speakeasy
* Hauntings of the Lincoln Theater
* A Ghost Named Joe: Troy's First Face-to-Face Encounter with a Ghost!
* Residual Hauntings & Sounds from the Past
* Nights at the McPike Mansion
* Haunted by History: Prospect Place
* Hauntings of Gettysburg
* Seeing a Ghost: The Haunted Farm
* Ghost Lights & Graveyard Hauntings
* Spook Lights at Greenwood Cemetery

* Hunting for the Truth: Old Union Cemetery
* Anderson Cemetery: The Infamous "Graveyard X"
* Hunting for Poltergeists
* The Alton Poltergeist Case
* The Christine M. Poltergeist Case
* Disasters, Failures & Fiascoes
* "Haunted Hallways", "Mysterious" Attics and When the Living Are Scarier than the Dead
* On Location: Media Messes
* On the Set of the St. Francisville Experiment
* And Much More!  

Travel Along with Troy as he takes you along for his first paranormal investigation, his trips to famous haunted places, his experiences with witnesses, houses that weren�t haunted, and real ghosts! It�s a strange and amazing journey and one that no ghost enthusiast will want to miss!

So, There I Was...
More Confessions of Ghost Hunters (2006)
by Troy Taylor & Len Adams

You may not believe in ghosts but don't worry... you will! Ever wonder what happens �behind the scenes� of paranormal investigations, ghost tours and haunted overnights? Ever wonder what happens when ghost hunters visit places that are so haunted that even they get scared? If so, then delve into the further adventures, and misadventures, of author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society�s Len Adams as they recount their own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted places, ghost tours and more. Discover these fascinating, often humorous and usually chilling first-hand accounts of some of the most haunted places in America, including the Villisca Ax Murder House, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Illinois town of Alton � one of the most haunted small towns in America, Lemp Mansion, Bell Witch Cave, Myrtles Plantation, Waverly Hills Sanatorium and many others! It�s another look at the �confessions� of ghost hunters and the perfect addition to your library!  $16.95

Stories, Locations, Tours & Adventures in "So, There I Was..." Include:

* Confessions of Ghost Hunters: Getting Started with Ghosts

* Alton: Small Town, Large Tales: Ghostly tales and strange encounters from the Alton Hauntings Tours with stories that have never appeared in print before. Accounts from Len Adams, Troy Taylor and a special section with Alton Hauntings guide, Luke Naliborski

* Dinner & Spirits at the McMackin House: Hunting for ghosts --- and avoiding "spirits" of another kind with Troy Taylor and Luke Naliborski at a little-known Illinois haunt

* Solitary Confinement: A Haunted Night at the Eastern State Penitentiary with Troy Taylor and a crew from The Learning Channel

* Suicide & Spirits: Haunted nights at --- and in the caves beneath --- the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis with Troy Taylor

* Hunting for the Bell Witch: Investigating the Legendary Bell Witch Cave with Troy Taylor

* A "Wales" of a Good Time: Hunting Ghosts with Len Adams at the Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Wales

* A Haunting Mystery: Searching for the Ghosts of the Villisca Ax Murder House with Troy Taylor. The first ghost book to feature a historical account of the house, the horrific mystery surrounding it and first-hand accounts of the haunting.

* Hunting for Hoaxes: Behind the Legends of America's Greatest Hauntings! Secrets revealed by Troy Taylor

* In Search of the Hornet Spook Light: Hunting for one of America's greatest mysteries, including first-hand accounts of the light's appearances by Troy Taylor

* Who's That in the Looking Glass?: Join Len Adams as he hunts for the ghosts of the Looking Glass Prairie in Lebanon, Illinois.

* Albino Crossings & Cry-Baby Bridges: Looking for some of Illinois' Mystery Spots with Troy Taylor. Join in the 15 year search for authentic hauntings in little-known spots, including many that have never appeared in print before!

* Ghosts: Chasing Haunts at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium --- one of the most haunted places in America --- with Troy Taylor and Len Adams


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