American Hauntings' Annual Fall Festival to Kick off the Halloween Season!
Join us for our 14th Annual FREE event to celebrate ghosts, hauntings & the supernatural!

Held at the Beardstown Opera House
123 State Street in Beardstown, Illinois

Daytime Event: Noon to 5:00 p.m.
FREE Admission!
American Hauntings' Annual
Fall Festival Open House
October 3, 2015
Noon to 5:00 p.m.
General Admission: FREE!
Hosted by Troy Taylor

Join American Hauntings for a special weekend event to kick off the Halloween season! Celebrate the start of autumn in Beardstown, Illinois -- at the very haunted Beardstown Opera House -- and be chilled by presentations on ghosts, hauntings, spirit locations, true-life encounters, macabre history and hauntings in America! Meet authors, speakers and guides to the strange and unknown, network with ghost enthusiasts from all over the region and later, join us for a special haunted tour or ghost hunt to make this a haunted weekend that you won't soon forget!
The annual kick-off to Halloween will be held in Beardstown, Illinois at the historic Beardstown Opera House. The afternoon event has a free admission and guests are invited to join us for a line-up of great speakers and then join us later when the daytime events are over to take part in the evening's After Hours activities, which includes a ghost hunt at the Opera House, or a Haunted Tour in nearby Jacksonville, Illinois, hosted by Troy Taylor and Lisa Taylor Horton. It's going to be a great, spooky day and night in Haunted Central Illinois and you don't want to miss it!
The host for the event will also be offering a presentation about this recent book, ONE AUGUST DAY: THE TRUE STORY OF LIZZIE BORDEN, a chilling look at the truth and legends behind one of America's most famous unsolved murders! "Lizzie Borden took and ax..." the story goes, but did she really? You'll find out and will not be surprised to find that the Borden murder site is one of the most haunted houses in America!
American Hauntings' own John Winterbauer presents a look at one of the most controversial and haunted figures in American history -- MARY TODD LINCOLN. Was she truly insane, or was this bereaved woman simply misunderstood? What weird tales and legends are still lingering about the Lincoln family and will the strange tales continue to haunt Central Illinois?
Author and tour guide Kathi Kresol visits the Fall Festival for the first time, presenting HAUNTED ROCKFORD, the strange tales, weird crimes and hidden haunted history of the Illinois city. From haunted houses to eerie cemeteries, spirited libraries, lost spirits, dark crimes and more, Kathi has spent more than a decade collecting the spooky tales of the region!
American Hauntings' own Adam White has been passionate about ghosts and the hauntings of Decatur, Illinois for most of his life, but perhaps his greatest love is the historic -- and very haunted -- LINCOLN THEATER. At the festival, he'll be presenting not only the little-known history of the aging theater, but his first-hand encounters with the resident ghosts!