A History of Satan, Sin, Murder, Mayhem & Magic
by Troy Taylor  $20.00

An apology for the Devil: it must be remembered that we have heard only one side of the case. God has written all of the books. -- Samuel Butler 

Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Evil One… Pick the name and they all refer to the same thing, or person, or being, or whatever the Devil is supposed to be. Feared, worshipped or dismissed, the Devil remains a presence in our world. But who is he? Is evil an essence, an objective reality? Does Satan rule the world? Is there an absolute evil set against absolute good, generating all other evils? Is Satan roaming the earth “seeking whom he may devour?” What is Satanism? Who are the true worshippers of Satan? Does demonic possession exist? Were the witches executed during the Middle Ages really worshippers of Satan? Have people really killed in the name of Satan?

The works of the Devil are an amazing complex and often frightening puzzle that has been worked on by theologians, philosophers, psychologists and sociologists for centuries. The puzzle has never been truly solved but in this chilling occult book by author Troy Taylor, he’ll be taking the readers on a roller coaster ride into the horror of the belief in – and works of – the Devil. From a biography of Lucifer to the history of Hell itself, the book includes black mass and devil worship, black magic, necromancy, sorcerers, witchcraft, evil spirits, demonic possession, the Nazis and the Occult, Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, Satanic murders and much more!
The Devil has been with us since the beginning of recorded time. Today, we believe that we have shed the superstitions of pagan times, but this book will shatter that illusion. Our rational age of science and reason is marked by a staggering number of tales of supernatural events, horrific discoveries and nameless horrors that all have their roots in antiquity – and all of which can be traced to our belief in the Devil and his evil works. You may think you’ve read frightening books by Troy Taylor before, but we promise that this will be the scariest book you’ll read this year! $20.00 -- See form below to order!


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself… 

The Origin of the Devil:
Satan in the Old and Modern World – Satan of the Bible – Ancient Evil – The History of Hell: From the Early Civilizations to Dante, Virgil and Beyond

The Devil’s Own:
Satanism, Witchcraft and the Rise of the Black Mass – The Sabbaths – Satanism, Torture and the Great Witch Hunts – The American Witch – The Salem Witch Trials 

The Black Arts:
Magic, Evil and Raising Hell – The Magician – The Magic Circle – The Pentagram – The Grimoires of Black Magic – A Pact with the Devil – Bell, Book and Candle – Curses and Incantations – Love, Death and Other Horrors – Necromancy – Philosophy of the Damned – Simon Magus – Agrippa the Magician – Roger Bacon – Dr. Dee and Mr. Kelley – Eliphas Levi – Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross – Freemasons – Aleister Crowley – Ordo Templi Orientis – Dion Fortune – The Nazis and the Occult 

Demons Among Us:
Possession, Horror and the Works of Satan’s Minions – Exorcism in the Middle Ages – The Devil in the Convent – The Devils of Loudon – Demons in the Modern Age – The Pact with Satan – The Possession of Emma Schmidt -- Anneliese Michel – The Devil Came to St. Louis

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Masters of Mayhem:
The Black Arts and those who Dared to Dabble in them – Montague Summers – Dennis Wheatley – Alex Sanders: King of the Witches – Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan – The Temple of Set – Process Church of the Final Judgment – Manson Family – Four P Movement

Deceived by Satan:
The Hellfire Clubs – The Real Black Mass – The Devil Made Me Play: Satan and Rock-n-Roll – “Demon Children,” Murdered for the Lord – “Satanic Panic” in the 80s and 90s – Human Sacrifice and the “Satanic Conspiracy” – West Memphis Three

In the Name of Satan:
Murder and Mayhem on Behalf of the Devil – The Evangelista Occult Murders – Looking for the “Head Devil” – “I’m a Cannibal!” – The “Son of Sam” Murders – The “Devil” came to Fall River – Chicago’s “Ripper Crew” – The “Night Stalker” – Horror in Matamoros