Forget What You Have Seen on Phony Television Shows & Made-up "Documentaries", this is the REAL Story of What Happened in St. Louis in 1949! Within these Pages is the TRUE Story of what Happened to the "Haunted Boy" whose Terrifying Experience Spawned the Book & Film Versions of "The Exorcist" -- Now in a New, Revised and Updated Edition for the 65th Anniversary of the Case in 2014!

In 1949, the Devil came to St. Louis….
Or at least, if you believe the stories that have been told for the last fifty-odd years, a reasonable facsimile of him did. I
t is a story that has told for almost four generations and one that has inspired books, films and documentaries. It is, without question, the greatest unsolved mystery of the city of St. Louis and one of the most perplexing puzzles of the supernatural in American history. But is the story so mysterious because of the events that occurred --- or because of the bizarre mixture of fact and fantasy that it has become? The story of the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism has become a confusing and convoluted mess over the years. There are so many theories, legends, tales and counter-stories that have been thrown into the mix that it’s become very hard to separate just what is truth and what is fiction in the case.  Finally, a book that makes sense of it all!

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The Devil Came to St. Louis
The True Story of the 1949 Exorcism
by Troy Taylor

According to documents and eyewitness accounts, the most famous exorcism in American history occurred in St. Louis, Missouri in 1949 and its story created one of the most enduring mysteries of all time. What really happened in this enigmatic case and how did the events in St. Louis go on to inspire the book and film of “The Exorcist?” And, most importantly, how much of what was reported was true and how much was fiction? Author Troy Taylor spent more than a decade and a half researching the facts behind this chilling story – searching through old records, visiting the sites that still exist and interviewing the surviving witnesses to the strange events. This new edition reveals the updated, true facts of what occurred in St. Louis in 1949 and allows the reader to judge whether the victim in the case, “Robbie Doe,” was really possessed or not.

Starting from the beginning of the case in Maryland, The Devil Came to St. Louis, follows the weird events of the story, debunking myths along the way and revealing real portions of the case that are more chilling than anything invented by the "urban legends" over the years. Discover interviews and never before published details of the exorcisms in St. Louis and Maryland, the dark events at the house on Roanoke Drive and even stories and legends of what followed the exorcism --- from the strange events during the filming of William Peter Blatty's "The Exorcist" to what became of the furniture from the "Exorcism Room" at the old Alexian Brothers Hospital!

This is an eye-opening, often horrifying book that is not for the faint of heart and is not to be mistaken for the faux documentaries or shoddy research that has been done in the past. This is the book that truly sets the record straight – a fact that will having you sleeping with the lights on long after you close its pages for the final time! $17.00