Flickering Images: The History & Hauntings of the Avon Theater!
Back in Print after More than 5 Years, Author Troy Taylor Returns with a New Edition of his Classic Book about Decatur's Favorite -- and Most Haunted -- Theater!

Over the course of nearly 20 years, author Troy Taylor has placed the city of Decatur, Illinois squarely on the map as one of the most haunted places in the Midwest. In this new, revised and updated edition of his classic book about the Avon Theater, he takes the reader even deeper into the haunted history of this city landmark. Discover the mysteries, secrets and amazing past of the Avon, from the silent era to its golden age and its rebirth today as one of America’s great independent theaters. Within these pages is the history of Decatur’s Water Street Theater District, a fond look at the city’s theaters of yesterday and of course, the Avon’s long legacy of ghosts and the supernatural. Take a trip back in time with this new edition of the book and discover why the Avon has become known as Decatur favorite – and most haunted – theater! 2011 Edition -- $12.00

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The Final Book in the Haunted Decatur Series
from Troy Taylor!

Author Troy Taylor presents the FINAL Haunted Decatur Book -- an All-New Look at the Darkest Side of the City! Including Favorite Sites and a Collection of New, Never-Before-Published Stories of a place where Murder, Bootlegging, Prostitution, Gambling, Corruption and, of course, Ghosts were commonplace. Decatur's dark origins can be traced to its earliest days, when the original settlers built over Native American burial grounds scattered in the downtown area. The destruction of the mounds cast a mysterious pall over the city, a darkness that still lingers today.
But this is not the only reason that the city is regarded as one of the most haunted in the country. The events that followed the days of early settlement provided more than enough reason for ghosts to linger here. Decatur has earned its sordid reputation for a reason. Just as bloodshed, murder and death gave the city its notoriety, that same violence also created its myriad of ghostly tales -- many of which will be revealed for the first time in Troy Taylor's last book on Decatur's hauntings!
The Final Haunted Decatur Book is not a Revised & Updated Version of Troy's First Book from 15 Years Ago -- This is a Brand New Title that Will Finally Close the Book on Decatur's Many Ghosts!

Haunted Decatur: The History of Decatur's Spirits, Scandals & Sins -- Author Troy Taylor returns to the Hauntings of Decatur for the last time and reveals a collection of brand new stories of ghosts, crime, murder and corruption in what has been hailed as the “Bloodiest and Scariest Haunted Decatur book ever!” In addition to returning to reader’s favorite haunts like Greenwood Cemetery and the Lincoln and Avon Theaters, the final book in the Haunted Decatur series also uncovers scores of ghosts and hauntings that have never appeared in print before, including the Decatur Ghost Scare of 1903, previously untold Railroad ghost stories, new tales of haunted homes, ghostly graveyards, and more. And for the first time, Taylor recounts stories that readers were never meant to read about Decatur’s dark history of crime, gambling, prostitution, and bloody murder! This is the book that Decatur’s “powers that be” don’t want you to read and only Whitechapel Press dares to bring it to you! $16.00

Here's Some of What You Can Expect from the Final Book in the Haunted Decatur Series:

Haunted History: Truth, Legends & Some of Decatur's Historic Haunted Spots -- The connections between Decatur, death and the supernatural first emerged at the very beginning of the city.... Discover the tales of Native Americans and the bones they left behind, legends of the early settlers, Abraham Lincoln in Decatur, Decatur's Civil War years, business growth and scandal, Mysterious tunnels under the city, and for the first time, a collection of haunted history chapters on haunted hotels, meat packing plants funeral homes, fire houses, the Shellabarger Grain Co. and much more. Includes stories that have never appeared in print before!

Death Rides the Rails: Death, Disasters and Ghosts of Decatur's Railroads -- A History of Decatur's Railroads and a brand new collection of deaths, accidents, disasters, mishaps and tragedies, as well as an assortment of railroad ghosts stories that have never been told before, from the old Wabash shops to the train stations and beyond. A number of strange tales, bloody crimes and the unsolved murder of Decatur's greatest railroad ghost. Includes Stories that have never appeared in print before!

Ghosts of Millikin: School Spirits at the Midwest's Most Haunted College -- The history and mystery of Decatur's Millikin University, including the life of founder James Millikin, the history of the college, and the tales of its best-known ghosts, including the "Rail Girl" and the spirit of Bernice Richardson, the tragic girl who haunts Aston Hall. Includes Stories that have never appeared in print before!

Flickering Images: Decatur's Historic & Haunted Theaters -- Throughout the early history of Decatur, the city was known for being the entertainment center for Central Illinois.... Discover the long history of theater in Decatur, from live stages to movie theaters, and the many ghosts connected to these places. Includes extensive chapters on the Avon Theater, one of the most actively haunted places in the city and the Lincoln Theater, which was featured on the Travel Channel as "One of the Most Terrifying Places in America". Includes New Stories from the Avon and Lincoln Theater -- as well as others -- that have never appeared in print before!

Where the Dead Walk: Hauntings of Decatur's Burial Grounds -- The haunted history of Decatur may have actually got its start because of forgotten burial grounds... An unnerving account of Decatur's many lost cemeteries, from Native American burial grounds to settlers cemeteries that were constructed over by the growing city. This chapter includes the first comprehensive study of the Common Burial Grounds on Decatur's West Side and the many ghosts that are connected to the burial grounds today. Readers will also discover the unusual history and many haunting of Greenwood Cemetery, which is considered to be one of the most haunted graveyards in Illinois. Includes Stories that have never appeared in print before!

Decatur's Ghosts and Haunted Houses -- The city of Decatur has a long reputation for being haunted, one that dates back to long before the first Haunted Decatur book was published in the middle 1990s. Discover some of the earliest tales of Decatur's ghosts, dating back as far as the 1880s, and be terrified by the "Great Decatur Ghost Scare of 1903", when the city was terrorized for a month by a sinister phantom that haunted the city's West Side -- an amazing story that has never appeared in print before! Other hauntings -- both new and favorites -- include the Culver House; the Powers Mansion; the Race Mansion; the Millikin Mansion; the Linn House; the Harrold House; the Merris House; the Henry Mueller House; the Staley Mansion; and many others! Dozens of Stories that have never appeared in any book before!

No Rest for the Wicked: Decatur Murder, Crime Corruption and a Few Lingering Ghosts --  Most ghost enthusiasts would agree that one of the main reasons for a place to become haunted is because a murder, or violent death, occurred there. With such dark thoughts in mind, I began to explore the often bloody history of Decatur....  Thus begins the most shocking, scandalous and controversial chapter of the Final Haunted Decatur. Discover the most carefully hidden chapter in Decatur's history and find out what the city leaders DON'T want you to read! The chapter includes the "disorderly" history of Decatur's police department; Prohibition in Decatur; gambling in the city; the history of Decatur's vice districts, including Park Street, Merchant Street and the first ever history of Decatur's infamous Levee District; Red Lights on the Prairie - a History of Prostitution in Decatur; corruption in Decatur government; The horrors of Hell Hollow -- with even more strange deaths that have never appeared in print before!; and Death by Another's Hands - A Collection of Decatur's Most Infamous Murders. This blood-soaked section includes the Lynching of Samuel Bush; the Murder of Louis Wilson; the Case of Charles "Pacer" Smith; the Unsolved Murder of Joe Ricketts; the Unsolved Murder of Wilbur Stephenson; the "Hatchet House" Murders; the Halloween Murders; and many others! Dozens and Dozens of Stories that have never appeared in print before!

This is not just another Haunted Decatur Book -- this is the FINAL Haunted Decatur Book and it's Literally One to Die For!
There has never been another Haunted Decatur Book Like this one -- and there will never be another!
Don't miss out on this Historic Book , it's the end of an era when it comes to Haunted Decatur!

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The FINAL Book in the Haunted Decatur Series Marks the end of the Books, but the Haunted Decatur Tours Will Continue!
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