Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Murdered in Their Beds
The History & Hauntings of the Villisca & Midwest Ax Murders
By Troy Taylor (2016)

“Something terrible has happened here…”   Those were the words uttered by Ross Moore after discovering the bodies of his brother, his family, and two houseguests in Villisca, Iowa, in June 1912. That horrifying discovery became the deadliest unsolved murder in Iowa history – and created a haunting that continues to this day. The small town of Villisca had received an unwelcome visitor on that dark night and the town was touched by a horror unlike anything it had ever seen, before or since.

Over the years, the brutal murders have earned a place in the annals of American crime and they remain the most famous in a series of murders that were committed across the prairie in that era.   That night in June 1912 was not the first time that the monster that committed the “Villisca Ax Murders” had tasted blood. He blazed a terrible trail across the Great Plains in the years before and after the murders in Iowa, using the railroads to carry out his horrific deeds.  

For the first time, this book tells the story of not only the murders in Villisca, but a tale of madness, murder, brutality, bloodshed, and the story of the “transient butcher” who wreaked havoc in the American Midwest and then vanished into history, his name and face forever unknown. This is a book unlike any you have read before and, like the people who lived in the small towns of the American prairie in the early 1900s, you will never look out into the nighttime darkness in the same way again. 

© Copyright 2016 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.