Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Without a Trace
Mysterious Disappearances & Supernatural Vanishings
By Troy Taylor (2009)

In previous volumes of the infamous Dead Men Do Tell Tales Series, author Troy Taylor has collected some of the darkest tales of crime, ghosts and hauntings in American history. In this chilling book, he delves into the shadowy world of unsolved disappearances – people who vanished without a trace and were never seen again! These weird tales ran the gamut of the terrifying and the bizarre and include crime victims, lost explorers, ships and people vanished at sea, outdoor disappearances and cases that cannot be anything other than supernatural in nature! This collection of cases includes the mystery of Everett Ruess, the infamous Mary Celeste, the vanishing of Ambrose Bierce, the unsolved mystery of Eilean Mor, the lost colony at Roanoke, the mysterious Franklin Expedition, the riddle of Charlie Ross -- America’s first kidnapping for ransom, Dorothy Arnold – the heiress who never came back, Glen & Bessie Hyde, the Joyita – the Mary Celeste of the Pacific, Famous, unsolved disappearances of Amelia Earhart, Glenn Miller, Judge Crater, Richard Halliburton, Michael Rockefeller, Percy Fawcett and many more. This is one of Taylor’s strangest books ever and one that will have you turning the pages long into the night! $16.00

Some of the Stories & Vanishings in the Book Include:

* Nemo 1934 - The Disappearance of Everett Ruess
* The Vanished Americans
* Croatoan
* The Phantom Attackers
* Voyage into the Unknown
* The "President" that Never Arrived
* Terror on the Ice
* Mystery of the James B. Chester
* The Vanishing Assassin
* Ghost Ship - Mystery of the Mary Celeste
* Little Boy Lost
* Two Riddles of the Sea
* The Vanished Outlaw
* The Case of Colonel Fountain
* The Lighthouse Keepers of Eilean Mor
* The Vanished Heiress
* "Can Such Things Be?" - The Disappearance of Ambrose Bierce
* Into Thin Air - The Case of Ambrose Small
* The Lost Explorer of the Amazon  
* The Boy Who Vanished
* Down the River - The Vanishing of Glen and Bessie Hyde
* The Doctor who was Never Seen Again
* The Vanishing Village
* The Case of Judge Crater
* Into the Air - The Case of Amelia Earhart
 * What Happened to Ruth Baumgardner?
 * Sea Dragon - The Last Adventure of Richard Halliburton
* The Vanishing Crew of Airship L-8
 * Glen Miller's Last "Moonlight Serenade"
* The Mystery of the Long Trail
* The Vanished Cadet
* "Home Before Dark" - The Disappearance of Beverly Potts
* The Mystery of the Joyita
* The Forest of Disappearing Children
* The Man in the Green Pajamas
 * The Vanished Adventurer - What Happened to Michael Rockefeller?
* The Impossible Disappearance
* The Missing Teamster
* Innocence Lost - The Disappearance of the Lyon Sisters

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