Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Bloody Hollywood
History & Hauntings of Tinseltown Crime & Unsolved Mysteries
By Troy Taylor (2008)

Los Angeles -- the fabled “City of Angels”, home to the rich and famous, to palm trees, sandy beaches, orange groves, and most of all, to that wonderful, almost magical place known as Hollywood.  But beneath the shiny surface of glitz and glamour in America’s movie capital is a dark side of crime and corruption and behind the doors of the lavish homes, luxury hotels, and magnificent mansions are tales of spirits who do not rest in peace. There are many unsolved mysteries connected to Hollywood, as well as tales of scandal, depravity, murder, and, of course, ghosts! In this installment of the best-selling “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” Series, author Troy Taylor takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood noir in a way that no other book ever has. This is not your typical Hollywood ghost book, but a unique perspective on how crime, murder, sin, sex, scandal, and unsolved mysteries have shaped the haunted landscape of Tinseltown. From the bloody history of L.A. & Hollywood to the myriad of scandals, sin & gore-soaked crime of the film colony's Golden Age, this is a chilling look at the haunted underbelly of Hollywood – and the dark side of the American dream! $18.00

Some of the Stories & Locations in the Book Include:

Hollywood Exposed: The History of Crime & Horror in Los Angeles
* Hooray for Hollywood
* Booze & Broads
* The "Jesus Racket"
* The Mob in Hollywood
* Hollywood's Favorite Gangster: Bugsy Siegel
* The Hollywood Extortion Case
* Hollywood's Underworld
* Mickey Cohen: America's Most Shot-At Gangster
* Hollywood Hookers

Hollywood's Preachers, Cults, Kooks & Crazies
* "Fighting Bob' Shuler & Sister Aimee
* The Blackburn Cult
* Mankind United
* Heaven's Gate
* Fountain of the World
* Process Church of the Final Judgment
* Four P Movement
* The Manson Family

A Rogue's Gallery of Killers
* L.A.'s Bluebeard
* The "Ghost in the Garret"
* The "Tiger Woman"
* "Fate", "Death" & "The Fox"
* The "Rattlesnake Murderer"
* Death of the "Red Light Bandit"
* The Hillside Strangler
* The Sunset Slayer
* The "Night Stalker"

Hollywood's Haunted Hotspots: Where the Stars Still Linger
Hollywood's Haunted Movie Studios
* Universal Studios
* Culver Studios & The Mysterious Death of Thomas Ince
* Paramount Studios & Hollywood Forever Cemetery
* Hollywood's Haunted Movie Theaters
* Grauman's Chinese Theater
* Warner Pacific Theater
* Pantages Theater & The Mystery of Howard Hughes
* Hollywood's Haunted Hotels
* Knickerbocker Hotel
* Alexandria Hotel
* Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Sex, Sin & Suicide: Hollywood Scandals and The Restless Spirits Left Behind
Olive Thomas: The First Hollywood Scandal
* The Fall of the "Funny Fat Man": The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal
* Haunts of the Sheik: Remnants of Valentino
* Drugs & Death: The Tragedy of Alma Rubens
* Peg Entwhsitle & The Haunted Hollywood Sign
* The Lonely Death of Lupe Velez
* "In Like Flynn": The Scandals of Errol Flynn & His Lingering Spirit
* James Dean: Too Fast to Live
* The "Sweater Girl" & The Gangster: The Murder of Johnny Stompanato
* Ghost of the Pink Palace: Jayne Mansfield's Death Curse

No Rest for the Wicked: Hollywood's Murders & Unsolved Mysteries
William Desmond Taylor: Hollywood's Original Unsolved Mystery
* The "Creepy Little Man": The Strange Death of Paul Bern
*"Hot Toddy": The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd
* Who Killed the Black Dahlia? The Tragic Life & Death of Elizabeth Short
* Vanished! The Unsolved Disappearance of Jean Spangler
* The Unsolved Murder of Helene Jerome
* Faster Than A Speeding Bullet? The Mystery of George Reeves
* Birth of a Legend: The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe
* "Fall of a Hero": The Unsolved Murder of Bob Crane

© Copyright 2012 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.