Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Bloody Chicago
History & Hauntings of Chicago Crime & Mystery
By Troy Taylor (2006)

The “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” saga continues as Troy Taylor and reveals the dark and crime-ridden history of Chicago! Join the author for a look at how the crime, violence and death of yesterday have created the hauntings of today in what has been called “the most haunted city in America”! This page-turning thriller delves into Chicago’s tales of crime, corruption, violence and bloody murder, from the days of gangland violence to the most perplexing unsolved mysteries in the city, and presents a unique perspective on the origins of Chicago’s many ghost stories and unsettling legends.

Discover the bloodcurdling events that have spawned some of Chicago’s greatest ghost stories, including: Torso Murders & Unsolved Crime, the House of Weird Death, Marshall Field Jr. Mystery, Chicago’s Jack the Ripper, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Roadhouse Ghosts of Rico D's, Legend & Lore of John Dillinger, Murder Castle of H.H. Holmes, Sausage Factory Murders, Ghosts of the “Ragged Stranger” Case, Leopold & Loeb, Grimes Sisters Murders, Ghosts of Wolf Lake and Much More!

Some of the Stories & Locations in the Book Include:
* The House of Weird Death
* Marshall Field, Jr. Mystery
* Wrigleyville Torso Murder
* The Schuessler-Peterson Murders
* Life & Crimes of Richard Speck
* Guns, Roses & Valentines: Chicago's Gangland Ghosts
* Hauntings of Al Capone
* St. Valentine's Day Massacre
* Legend & Lore of John Dillinger
* Roadhouse Ghosts: Hauntings of Rico D's
* The Murder Castle of H.H. Holmes
* Luetgert Sausage Factory Murders
* Carl Wanderer: Hauntings & The Ragged Stranger
* Leopold & Loeb: Ghosts Left Behind
* Farewell to the Grimes Sisters (with exclusive interviews!)
* The Teresita Basa Possession
* The Haunting Legacy of John Wayne Gacy
* Ghosts of Wolf Lake
* And Much More!

208 Pages & Hundreds of Photographs!

© Copyright 2012 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.