Bloody Illinois
History & Hauntings of Illinois Crime & Mystery
By Troy Taylor (2008)

Join author Troy Taylor as his “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” Series continues with a terrifying and blood-spattered look at Illinois crime, mystery and tales of hauntings from all over the state – many of which have never appeared in any book before! In this volume, Taylor unlocks files of rare, seldom-told and favorite stories from both the cities and rural areas of the Prairie State, revealing true accounts of violence, murder, bloodshed and ghosts. Journey back into Illinois’ past and discover tales of bandits, thieves, pirates and killers from the early days of the state; haunted prisons, jails and police stations; bloody vendettas; Illinois hangings; unsolved murders; ruthless murderesses; Charlie Birger, the Shelton Gang and War in Illinois; Pat Quinlan, the Devil’s Apprentice; the Herrin Massacre; the Hundley Murders; the famous Coliseum Ballroom; the Battle of Barrington; Hell Hollow; the Lake Club; Fred Vannuci’s “One-way Ride”; the Starved Rock Murders; Ghosts of the old Cook County Jail & the Joliet Penitentiary; and dozens more! You don’t want to miss this collection of uncut and uncensored tales from the blood-dipped pen of Troy Taylor. It’s a chilling book that is not for the faint of heart! $19.00

Some of the Stories & Locations in
the Book Include:

* Where Blood was Spilt:
Indian Massacres of the War of 1812
* The Rivers Ran Red with Blood:
River Pirates & Bandits
* They Bathed in Buckets of Blood:
Bandits, Thieves & Killers
* The Murder of Colonel George Davenport
* Illinois Regulators & Vigilantes
* Bloody Island: Illinois & the Code Duello
* 1800-1834: Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock
* 1826: The Murder of Peggy Van Noy
* 1833: No Escape, Even After Death:
The Alton Penitentiary
* 1844-1845: The Last Woman Hanged in Illinois
* 1868-1876: The Bloody Vendetta
* 1874: The Millstadt Ax Murders
* 1876: Stealing the President:
The Plot to Steal Lincoln’s Bones
* 1879: Greene County Hanging Tree
* 1895: Tragic Case of Charles “Pacer” Smith
* 1913: The Body on the Railroad Tracks
* 1914: Hounded to Death by Ghosts:
Pat Quinlan, the Devil’s Apprentice
* 1914-1921: Chicago’s Constant Widow
* Illinois & Prohibition
* Prohibition & the Ku Klux Klan:
S. Glenn Young & War in Southern Illinois
* Blood & Liquor: Charlie Birger and the Beer Wars
* Last Stop at the Parkway Tavern:
he Shelton Brothers & a Lingering Ghost
* 1921: Decatur’s First Murderess
* 1922: The Herrin Massacre
* 1923: Two Heads in A Concrete Block
* 1924: The Murdering Minister
* 1924: “Auld Lang Syne”:
Ghosts of the Coliseum Ballroom

* 1928: The Hundley Murders of Carbondale
* The Mystery of John Hamilton: Mysterious Death & Afterlife of a Dillinger Gang Member
* Battle of Barrington:
The Last Stand of “Baby Face” Nelson
* 1930-1939: Hell’s Half Acre:
Crime, Corruption & Ghosts in Decatur
* 1930-1939: Ghosts of the Gambling Parlor
* 1930-1939: The Legends of Hell Hollow
* 1931: The Buried Letters
* 1936: Only a Matter of Time:
The Murder of Joseph Bolton
* 1937: The Vanishing of August Mayford
* 1938: The Tragic 20 Minutes:
The Murder of Betty Crabb
* 1938: The One-Way Ride:
The Unsolved Murder of Fred Vanucci
* 1940: History & Hauntings of the Lake Club
* 1943: The Butchered Showgirl:
The Unsolved Murder of Estelle Carey
* 1945: The Roaring Furnace:
The Murder of Rose Michaelis
* 1948: The Killer in the Lumberjack Coat
* 1960: The Starved Rock Murders
* 1980: Memories of the “Murder Mansion”
* 1982: No Second Chance:
The Murder of Dianne Masters
* Bloody Lincoln Avenue: History & Hauntings Along Chicago’s Most Violent Street
* Chicago’s Haunted Police Stations:
A Gathering of Ghostly Tales from 1907
* Haunts of the old Cook County Jail
* “Behind These Walls”:
History & Hauntings of the Joliet Penitentiary

 288 Pages & Hundreds of Photographs!
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© Copyright 2012 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.