Hauntings, Horrors & Unsolved Mysteries of the Great Outdoors
Book Four in the "History & Hauntings Series"

A Journey into the Lost Regions of the American Wild in search of Ghosts, Gold & the Great Mysteries that Have Baffled Outdoorsmen for Generations .. A First Book of its Kind!

A Chilling Book for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt that They Might Not be Alone in the Woods!

The fourth book in the acclaimed History & Hauntings Series takes readers into the “wild” on an adventurous journey in search of the strangest tales of ghosts & mysteries from the American wilderness. Within these pages, discover missing people, lost mines and treasures, mysterious creatures of the outdoors, haunted roads, forests, lakes and eerie spots that may never have you hiking alone in the forest again! One of the only books ever written on the strange and haunted places of the American Outdoors and an amazing look at the enigmas that exist in places that have terrified us since the days of the early settlers!

Walk into the unknown in search of those who vanished without a trace in the deserts of Utah, the deepest regions of the Grand Canyon, the mountains of Vermont, the forests of Connecticut & Beyond. Look for lost treasure & missing mines as you dodge ancient curses and vengeful ghosts in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, Death Valley, the Borrego Badlands, the Missouri Ozarks & other mysterious spots. Hunt for America’s strangest creatures in a coast to coast journey on the prowl for Bigfoot, the Minnesota Iceman, Thunderbirds, the Jersey Devil & More. Then gather your wits about you as you wander the America’s most haunted roads, valleys, rivers and stretches of wilderness on the lookout for the ghosts of drowning victims, lost pioneers, vanished woodmen & other luckless victims of the wild! An Epic Journey of History, Haunts and Americana from Whitechapel Press!

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Chapters and Sections of Out Past the Campfire Light include ----

Without a Trace -- Those Who Walked Into the Wild & Never Returned
Missing hikers, camper & explorers, vanished villages and more - Nemo 1934: The Mysterious Disappearance of Everett Ruess - Down the River: The Vanishing of Glen & Bessie Hyde in the Grand Canyon - California's "Forest of Missing Children" - Mystery of the Long Trail: Vanishings in the Green Mountains of Vermont - Village that Vanished: Behind the Legends of Dudleytown

Mystery Left Behind -- Lost Treasure & Hidden Gold in America's Wild Regions
My Own Search for Utah's Lost Treasures - Mystery of the Lost Dutchman Mine of Arizona: An Exploration of the History, Hauntings and Lore of America's Most "Found" lost mine - Pegleg Smith's Lost Gold: Hunting the Mysteries of the Borrego Badlands - The Lost Gunsight Mine of Death Valley - The Lost San Saba & Bowie Mine of Texas - The Lost Padre Mine: Do the Ghosts of Spanish Priests Guard this Treasure? - Lost Gold of Devil's Canyon in Oklahoma - The Lost Plunder of Samuel Mason: Legends of the Outlaw of Cave-in-Rock & His Lingering Ghost - The Mystery of the Yoachum Silver Dollars

Mysterious Creatures -- Unexplained Accounts of Strange Creatures in the American Wild
The Mystery of Bigfoot & The Strange Tracks at Bluff Creek, California - Where Bigfoot Walks: In Search of the Historical Bigfoot in Native American Accounts, "Wild Man" Reports & Tales from the North American Past - The Controversial Patterson Film - The Minnesota Iceman - Momo: The Story of the Missouri Monster - The Murphysboro, Illinois Mud Monster - American Werewolves & The Bray Road Beast - Thunderbirds: Accounts of Giant Birds in the Skies Over America - The Tombstone Thunderbird: A New Look at the Story Behind this Famous Case - The Infamous Jersey Devil

Phantoms of the Pines -- Chilling Tales of Haunted Places in the American Wild
Ghosts & Haunts of the Great Outdoors - America's Haunted Back Roads - The Black Woods Road - Wisconsin's Ridgeway Phantom - Zombie Road: The Legendary Lawler Ford Road of St. Louis - Clinton Road: New Jersey's Most Infamous Highway - Ghost Waters: America's Haunted Lakes, Rivers & Creeks - Diana of the Dunes - Dead Woman's Crossing: An Eerie Tale of a Haunted River in Oklahoma - Devil Waters: Haunted Lakes & Rivers with the Devil's Name - The Curse of the Devil's Hole: History & Hauntings of a Mysterious Cave in Upstate New York - La Chica Lobo Del Rio Diablo: The Bizarre Wolf Girl of Texas - The Haunted Wild - The Mountain of Madness: Strange Happenings at New Hampshire's Mt. Washington - Haunts of the North Woods: Ghostly Tales of the Dell House, Minnie Quay & The Haunted Ruins of Au Sable - Dead Man's Canyon of Colorado - Ordeal by Hunger: The History & Hauntings of the Donner Party

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