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The History of the Supernatural in 20 Objects

America's Unexplained in 20 Objects

The Haunted History of America's Prisons, Hospitals & Asylums in 20 Objects

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During all of recorded history, man has been fascinated with the trappings of the supernatural, from ghost stories and strange events to possible communication with the other side. In the first book of its kind, author Troy Taylor traces the historical events that make up the supernatural world as we know it today by using 20 objects that made their mark on its past. This isn't another volume on haunted objects, but a book tracing a wide range of different items that represent the history of the supernatural, from a spirit trumpet of the Spiritualist movement to a small bell from Borley Rectory; a camera that tells the story of spirit photography; a radio that details communication with the dead; a child's leather ball; a broken door; a stack of letters that proved life after death; and much more. The author invites you to re-live the events and stories that created the paranormal as we know it today through objects that were worn, carried, used and manifested through a fascinating period of history. It's a book unlike anything that has ever been attempted before and a perfect addition to every ghost enthusiast's library! Click on the Cover Above to Order!
Journey back in time and discover the history of the supernatural as we know it today through a wide range of actual objects that have been collected by Troy Taylor to trace the evolution of modern acceptance of the unexplained. Find out how the rise of the dead in 19th century America created the ghost hunting movement that we think of today through mediums, séances and Spiritualism and see how belief in communication with the dead shaped not only our nation, but the entire history of the world. Then follow a journey that will include these stories, among others...
* Spirit Trumpet: Rise of the Dead in the Nineteenth Century
* Shackles & Chains: The True story of Delphine Lalaurie
* Box of Letters: Mystery of the "Watseka Wonder"
* Camera: The story of Spirit Photography
* Ouija Board: Talking with the Dead
* Spirit Cabinet: Channeling the Power of the Dead
* Winchester Rifle: A heir to a fortune builds a mansion for the dead
* Small Bell: The making of the modern ghost hunter at Borley Rectory
* Zener Cards: A strange tale of a true medium that changed history
* Radio: Communication with the spirit world no longer needs a talking board
* Hospital Desk and Chair: the story of an exorcism that changes America's belief in the supernatural
* Airplane Parts: A ghostly flight crew sends chills through America's airline industry
* Telephone: A front page newspaper photo exposes a genuine American poltergeist
And ... a children's picture book that changed the history of Spirit Photography; a folding carpenter's ruler that exposed a medium; an ordinary building brick that influences a belief in residual hauntings; an unbroken door that uncovers the truth of a haunting that galvanized the world; old records that told the true tale of a famous haunted house; a leather ball that was used by a ghost; a burned and twisted metal gate that provided real physical evidence of the spirit world; and more! 
This is a volume like nothing that has ever been attempted by a ghost book author before -- which means that it must come from Troy Taylor, one of the most ground-breaking authors writing about the supernatural today!


Mysteries have baffled us since time began and no one knows that better than author Troy Taylor, who pulls open the curtain on another collection of the strange and the unusual from the weirdest corners of America. In this second book in a series, he traces the history of the unexplained in the United States by using 20 bizarre objects that made a mark on the world of the weird as we know it! In these startling exhibits, readers will marvel at objects that might never know existed, like plaster casts of hairy giants; a frozen monster that may – or may not have been – a hoax; cellar stones from a vanished town; a cannonball fired at a winged creature; metal bolts from a bridge that collapsed mysteriously; evidence of giant birds; a photograph that shouldn’t exist – and yet scores of people remember seeing it; the wreckage of an airship that couldn’t possibly exist – and yet it did; a horned human skull; bones of giants; unbelievable objects that have fallen from the sky; furniture burned by inexplicable means; a poison-scented handkerchief left by an elusive gasser; and much more! Pay your admission and come inside – the strange side of America is waiting for you!
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Just how weird is America? Come inside and find out... Join author Troy Taylor as he takes you back in time to the days of the American sideshow, when anything seemed possible -- and probably was! In this compelling, weird, bizarre and head-scratching book, he reveals the mysteries that have been haunting America for centuries, from enigmatic spook lights to mysterious figures that vanish without a trace, time slips, strange happenings, objects, people and artifacts that should never have existed -- and yet they did -- and much more! Some of the weird objects linked to the unexplained include:
* Plaster Casts: Monsters in the woods during American history
* Minnesota Iceman: A carnival sideshow attraction that was a clever hoax -- or was it?
* Broken Ship's Compass: The unsolved mystery of the Mary Celeste
* Stones from a Cellar Wall: the true story of what really happened at Dudleytown
* Stephen Decatur's cannonball: Did the American hero really fire a shot at the Jersey Devil?
* Metal Bolts from a Lost Bridge: Did the mysterious Mothman really cause a terrible disaster?
* A Lock of White Hair: Did giant birds really invade America in 1977 -- and was a boy almost carried away by them?
* The Thunderbird Photograph: America's most famous photo of the unexplained -- did it really exist?
* Horned Human Skull: Weirdo's, monsters and giants... what has American archaeology been covering up?
* Picture Postcard: The story of the mysterious Hornet Spook Light, a Route 66 attraction
* Empty Bottles: The story of "Popper the Poltergeist," America's first paranormal reality TV show
* A Poison-Scented Handkerchief: The weird tales of America's "Mad Gassers"
And... a mysterious rock painting of a mythical creature -- that may have been real; mystery airships that wreaked havoc across the country; a t-shirt linked to the bizarre history of werewolves in America; a patch of dead grass that marked the last location of a man who vanished without a trace; the mummy of a little man that should not have existed; rocks, ice, fish, frogs, blood and more strange things that have fallen from the skies; burned furniture linked to one of the strangest poltergeist cases in American history; a red-winter parka that was last seen on a girl who vanished -- one of many who walked a deadly trail to another place and time; and more!

 This is another volume like nothing that has ever been attempted by a paranormal writer before -- which means that it must come from Troy Taylor, one of the most ground-breaking authors writing about the unexplained today!


When compiling a list of America’s most haunted places, prisons, hospitals and asylums are among the most prominent locations to be found. The amount of trauma, pain, and terror experienced by the men and women locked behind cold steel bars, trapped in beds that will undoubtedly be where they take their last breath, or shuffling down corridors in a state of confusion and madness leaves an indelible impression behind. The horrible events that occurred to send people to such places, combined with the terrible things that happened behind the walls, often cause the spirits of dead to linger behind. America’s prisons, hospitals and asylums can be terrifying places – for those in this world and the next. Click on the Cover Above to Order!
In this new collection of relics from Troy Taylor’s Cabinet of Curiosities, readers will take a startling and often unnerving look behind the locked doors and high stone walls of the most haunted prisons, hospitals and asylums in America. But this is not just another book on haunted places, but a chilling history of the items that will be forever linked to crime and insanity in our country’s history. Each object – from the mundane to the inexplicable – tells a lost, forgotten or forbidden tale, revealing the eerie background of locations the reader only thought they knew! From cell door keys to a wooden gun, a plaster head, electric chair, cooking spoon, autopsy table, lobotomy tool, scalpel, an unexplainable stain that refuses to go away, and much more!  

This is the scariest entry in the series so far, but come inside and take a look around – just be careful not to let the door lock behind you on your way into the cell! Some of this volume's relics include:
* A Burlap Hood: The failed idea of absolute "solitary confinement" and lingering spirits!
* A Wooden Gun: A jail break by one of America's most famous bank robbers and the haunted jail he left behind!
* An Electric Chair: Horrifying tales of America's Most Violent -- and haunted -- prisons!
* A Plaster Head: An escape from the most terrible prison in American history and the ghosts that will never leave!
* A Wheelchair: A former tuberculosis hospital hides the secrets of one of the country's most haunted places!
* A Cooking Spoon: A hospital that tells the tale of a notorious epidemic and the restless spirit that stayed behind!
* A Lobotomy Tool: Dark tales from behind the walls of an infamous asylum, from which the dead cannot escape!
* A Straitjacket: A chilling asylum that dates back to the Civil War era and the ghosts that wander the halls!
* A Scalpel: True tales of a terrifying asylum where the insane became victims of macabre experiments!
  And... a cell door key that releases some of America's most active spirits; a metal shank that tells a bloody history of one of the country's oldest prisons; a body in a cooper tube from a hospital turned prison that became one of the Civil War's more horrendous penitentiaries; a syringe of medicine that brought about the demise of a haunted hospital; an old medicine bottle from an eerie Texas hospital; an autopsy table from a Pennsylvania asylum with a haunted past; an unexplained stain on a concrete floor that tells a chilling tale; a collection of pins, needles and buttons taken from the stomach of a patient at a haunted sanatorium; a mysterious grave from Illinois' most haunted former asylum; and more!