Author Mark Twain once referred to Alton, Illinois as a ďdismal little river townĒ but today, itís known by the more colorful nickname of ďone of the most haunted small towns in America!Ē Join author Troy Taylor as reveals Altonís past and present with tales of death, murder, violence, Civil War, the Underground Railroad and, of course, two centuries of ghosts and hauntings along the Mississippi River. Filled with often dark and bloody history, this chilling volume includes classic accounts from Altonís both famous and little-known haunted places like Kendallís Cracker Factory, Mansion House, Alton Penitentiary, Enos Sanitarium, McPike Mansion, the very haunted First Unitarian Church, the real story of the Mineral Springs Hotel and much more! It sets the record straight on many of Altonís most infamous ghosts -- revealing that truth may be much stranger than the fiction weíve always been told!

This is the first, original book on Altonís ghosts and serves as the inspiration for Troy Taylorís award-winning tours of the city! You donít want to miss the inside story of how Alton came to be so haunted and earned its reputation as one of the countyís most haunted small towns. Itís a story that you wonít soon forget!

New & Revised 2014 edition: $16.95
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