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Essential materials for paranormal research and investigation
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GHOST HUNTERS GUIDEBOOK: COMMON SENSE GUIDE TO PARANORMAL RESEARCH   (2010)  New, Revised and Updated Final Edition of the Ghost Hunter's Manual is a complete look common-sense methods of ghost research. Recommended for both new and experienced researchers, this is the official guide of the American Ghost Society! $17.00
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STRANGE FREQUENCIES by Craig Telesha (2008) The essential guide to everything a ghost researcher needs to know about using technology to track down evidence of the paranormal. The book explores how to use temperature equipment, EMF meters, recording devices, cameras, video equipment, “ghost boxes”, and more. With this volume, the reader will not only learn to use just about every type of paranormal tech device on the market, but will also learn how to build his own EMF meters, “ghost boxes”, temperature detection equipment, and more, through the use of photographs and detailed schematics. This is a must-have book for every ghost hunter and for anyone who wants to properly use his or her equipment -- and the only tech book you'll ever need! $14.95

CONFESSIONS OF A GHOST HUNTER by Troy Taylor (2002) Author and real life ghost researcher Troy Taylor chronicles his adventures, and misadventures, with paranormal research, recounting his own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted houses and more. In addition to Taylor’s accounts of his own experiences, each chapter includes new information on conducting your own investigations with new insights, theories and ideas on how best to track down authentic evidence of ghosts! It’s a strange and amazing journey and one that no ghost enthusiast will want to miss!   $14.95

SO, THERE I WAS.... by Troy Taylor & Len Adams (2006) More Confessions of Ghost Hunters ---Ever wonder what happens “behind the scenes” of paranormal investigations, ghost tours and haunted overnights? Ever wonder what happens when ghost hunters visit places that are so haunted that even they get scared? If so, then delve into the further adventures, and misadventures, of author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society’s Len Adams as they recount their own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted places, ghost tours and more. $16.95 

TALKING WITH THE DEAD Collected by Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski (2009)  A Collection of 13 Chilling Cases Written by Ghost Hunters from All Across America! In previous volumes of the “Haunted Field Guide Series” from Whitechapel Press, our authors have offered a wide array of how-to information about the world of paranormal research. In this book, researchers have put their words into action! Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski have collected 13 spooky cases from ghost hunters from all across America, detailing their experiences with ghosts as a real-life haunted location – and their eerie contact with the spirits of the dead. Traveling to locations that include the Villisca Ax Murder House, Nemacolin Castle, the Leonis Adobe, Goliad, Cassadega Spiritualist Camp, Jerome, Arizona – the “Wickedest Town in the West”, Alfred’s Victorian Restaurant, Glen Tavern Inn, That Steak Joynt and many others. One of the widest arrays of ghost story and investigation books that we have every produced – it’s sure to have you turning the pages long into the night! $15.00

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