The American Hauntings "Dead of Winter" Festival Returns!
January 25, 2014 from Noon to 5:00 PM
At the Haunted Jacksonville Theatre Guild in Jacksonville, Illinois
Admission: FREE!
Hosted by American Hauntings Rep Loren Hamilton
Join American Hauntings for one of our oldest events -- first started back in 1999 -- as we celebrate ghosts, hauntings and death at the famed Dead of Winter Festival! Come discover the spirits of the haunted Theatre Guild in Jacksonville, Illinois  -- a former funeral home and boarding house -- be chilled by presentations on ghosts, hauntings, spirited locations, paranormal investigations and much more! Meet authors and speakers on strange phenomena, network with other ghost enthusiasts from all over the Midwest, join us for an after-hours ghost hunt, sign up to win free door prizes and raffle baskets -- including books, tour passes and tickets to the 2014 Haunted America Conference!
Make this a haunted weekend you won't soon forget!

The 2014 Festival will be held at the Jacksonville Theatre Guild in downtown Jacksonville, Illinois, located at 210 West College Avenue.  From Noon to 5:00 PM, Loren Hamilton will be hosting the day and introducing you to the local spirits, as well as a roster of speakers on the supernatural. You'll also be able to check out the vendor's tables, see the building & More! Guests can enjoy the free daytime event and then join us that night for an after-hours ghost hunt (additional cost) and search for the ghosts of this mysterious building with its strange and haunted past!

Join us for the special After Hours Ghost hunt of the Old Funeral Home, which runs from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Click Here for Reservations (Required) for the Ghost Hunt!
Troy Taylor
Author and American Hauntings Founder Troy Taylor will be presenting on The Devil Came to St. Louis, which tells the true story of the famous 1949 exorcism and his strange personal experiences after years of researching the story.
Dale Kaczmarek
Author and Ghost Research Society President Dale Kaczmarek has traveled all over the country in search of ghosts and hauntings, but was born and raised in the Chicago area and will be presenting an often hair-raising look at the many Ghosts of Chicago.
Donna Kirby
Donna Kirby is a psychic from Springfield, Illinois who specializes in Past-Life Regressions. At this year's event, she'll be discussing the myths and mysteries surrounding this controversial method of guiding people through their past lives.
Loren Hamilton
Host and American Hauntings Rep Loren Hamilton will be the master of ceremonies for the day and will be offering details about some of the upcoming American Hauntings events for 2014!
Lisa Taylor Horton
Meet the American Hauntings National Tour Coordinator and host of the Haunted Jacksonville Tours at the Whitechapel Press Vendor's Table -- and win free tickets to an upcoming Jacksonville Tour!
* Vendor Tables
* Tarot Card Readings
* Raffle Prizes and Gift Baskets
* And Much More!
See You on January 25, 2014 for this FREE ghost event!

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