Butler Cemetery is located outside of Westland and along Henry Ruff Road. It is a deserted and abandoned spot and if the stories of the local folk are to be believed, a very haunted one.

The cemetery is neglected and in poor condition, overgrown with weeds and choked with grass and fallen tree limbs. A wire fence that runs around it is grown over with vines and a rusty gate is broken at the entrance. There are no structures nearby, save for a deserted house, so it is easy to imagine why this cemetery has gotten such a reputation as a haunted place. Are the stories here simply imagination at work.... or something supernatural?

A witness reported a few years ago that he encountered a woman in white crossing the road in front of the cemetery. He swerved to avoid her and she vanished right in front of his eyes. A year later, he saw this woman again and this time, she was in the graveyard itself. He claimed to see her standing next to a tall monument and nearby was another apparition. This ghost was that of a man wearing some sort of uniform. He stopped his car for a closer look and the two figures faded away. Thinking that someone might be playing a trick on him, he quickly searched the area for either people or automobiles, but found nothing.

The stories of ghosts in the cemetery still continue today and researchers have pointed out that there have been an inordinate number of auto accidents along the stretch of road near the cemetery..... perhaps these drivers were swerving to avoid a woman in white who wanders out across the road?

Westland. Michigan is located just west of Detroit. Butler Cemetery can be found on Henry Ruff Road.

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