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The Ghosts of Tenants Harbor
Tenants Harbor, Maine


Like so many other historic towns on the coast of Maine, the town of Tenant’s Harbor draws many visitors and tourists, especially in the summer season. And like these other towns, it also has a variety of inns to choose from, should you wish to stay the night. For the particularly adventurous traveler, you will also find these inns come with something a little extra..... a resident ghost!

The Keag Inn is one such place and while its ghost does not have a glamorous history, it is no less real. Whoever this spirit might be, it is said to haunt the second floor of the establishment, which was originally built back in 1854. Both visitors and staff members alike have described the ghost as a shadowy apparition... and an active one.

The East Wind Inn in town is also said to be a haunted place and the unknown ghost here seems to be confined to the third floor. The house was built in 1860 and for the first 34 years of its existence, the third floor was used by the Freemasons for secret ceremonies, but it is unknown as to whether or not this has anything to do with the haunting. The most haunted rooms seem to be rooms 12 and 14, where guests have reported being held down in their beds by unseen hands. Other guests on the same floor say they have heard weird moaning sounds and have encountered chilling cold spots that seem to move from place to place. They also claim to have seen a gray figure climbing the main stairway and looking out a window toward the ocean.

Tenant’s Harbor can be found by traveling east on Highway 1 to Thomaston and then going south nine miles on Highway 131.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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