spirit photographs


These two photos were submitted by John Cachel, a ghost researcher in the Chicago area. They were taken near John's home in St. Mary's Cemetery in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. John took the photos in the late evening of November 2, 1997, using Kodak TMAX 3200 black and white film. He noted the weather conditions as very cloudy with no moon visible and the temperature at around 44 degrees.

The photos both show some sort of energy formation moving through the cemetery. It was not seen when the photos were taken and it does appear in the photo negatives. The formation appears to touch the ground and John's follow-up investigating revealed that one of the tombstone's that it is near measures about three-feet high, making the object about six-feet high.

John also writes: "First I though that the two photos were together on the negative strip in number order but they aren't. One photo is negative 18 and the other is 20. They were taken in the same general area but a minute or two apart, meaning that this formation was moving to the left. It is not some energy fog caused by the weather as there was no mist or rain at that time."

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