Collegeville, Minnesota


Located in rural, southwestern Minnesota is a Catholic School for men that is haunted by an assortment of ghosts and spirits that allow it to stand beside some of the most haunted universities in America.

One of the ghosts who still walk here is that of an angry and vengeful mother whose son, a monk, was killed during the construction of Abbey Church in the 1880's. He fell from a scaffold and was killed but his mother was never happy with the explanation of his death that she received from the abbott. After a heated argument at the church dedication ceremony, the women was killed in an accident. Her buggy overturned and slid into a nearby lake, where she drowned.

Shortly afterward, wet footprints started inexplicably appearing down the center aisle of the church. Visitors also complained of feeling an angry presence in the church. Many years later, when a new church was built on the location, a huge crack formed down the center aisle on the day of the dedication.

Another ghost who leaves wet footprints at the school is that of Brother Anselm Bartolome, who drowned in nearby Sagatagon Lake. His footprints often appear in the building where he taught and his ghostly figure has been seen walking along the shores of the lake at night.

The small lake is also haunted by the ghost of a bear.... Murro, the school's former mascot. Many years ago, a student was teasing the bear and smacked him with a boat oar at the lake. The animal savaged the student in retaliation, killing the boy. The authorities shot and killed Murro and since then, his angry ghost has been seen prowling the shoreline of the lake.

Another haunted place is a building called Frank House, which is said to be haunted by a former student who committed suicide there many years ago. His ghost has never been seen, but it has been blamed for the poltergiest-type activity that is common there.

St. John's University is located in southwestern Minnesota and anyone looking for more information can contact the school directly by writing to St. John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota 56321.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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