The famed Spooksville Triangle is an twenty-mile-sided triangle where strange lights have been reported for many years. The triangle of phenomena runs from Joplin, Missouri to Columbus, Kansas to Miami, Oklahoma. The area is crossed by Highway 44 and numerous smaller roads which make the viewing of these unexplained lights possible.
One of the lights, the Hornet Spooklight, located on the Devil's Promenade is perhaps one of the most famous spook lights in America and it is detailed in another section of this website. Follow the link above to read about it.

The lights that have been seen in this area have generally been reported for well over 100 years, ruling out any chance that they are some sort of reflection from car headlights, as debunkers often make them out to be. Most often they have been seen hovering over deserted roads and fields, and while they may be some sort of natural phenomena that we do not as yet understand, they definitely fall into the category of unexplained phenomena.

In Oklahoma, the Miami Spook Light has been seen since the late 1800's. The legend behind the light says that it is the lantern of a woman searching for her missing daughter. The story goes that a woman sent her daughter out to look for some stray cows in heavy fog. The girl took a lantern with her to light the way but after several hours did not return. Her mother took the other lantern and went out to search for her, going back out night after night until she went insane with grief. When the woman died, her spirit returned to the hills and is said to still walk on cool, foggy nights. The light which appears near Miami is said to be that of the mother's lantern as she still continues to search for the daughter who never came home.

Miami, Oklahoma is located in Ottawa County in the far northeastern corner of the state. The light has been seen northeast from Miami and as far northeast at Quapaw.

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