In the pages on paranormal photography that are linked below, we have compiled a number of sections that we believe we be of interest to those who are truly searching for an explanation about how --- and why -- ghosts and paranormal energy are captured on film. In addition to a section devoted to the history of ghosts and cameras, we have also divided various types of unexplained photos into categories (with examples) and present them here with explanations on how to determine if your own photos fall into these categories.

We hope that you will find these sections both intriguing and entertaining to look at and informative too. Take a look at the sections below and be sure to read the note about the photos that you will be viewing that is at the bottom of this page.

These Sections are presented by Troy Taylor, Founder of the American Ghost Society & Author of the Ghost Hunter's Guidebook.

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Visit our Haunted Museum Section and
find out how spirit photography started
 and see how it has changed over the years, from the Spiritualist era to today.

A collection of the strangest and most renowned spirit photos in history!

Many of the photos in our files (like the two seen to the right and the left) have baffled spirit photography buffs and debunkers for years. They have been seen on television shows and in magazines around the world and while there are no "experts" in this field --- we have yet to be able to explain away the images.


Despite what many still claim, "orb" photos are not evidence of the paranormal!

Amazing ectoplasm-like photographs... and how to know if they are real!

The hardest to find and most puzzling types of spirit photos


You will find the photos on these pages to be different from many of the alleged "ghost photographs" that you see on the Internet. Many web pages and ghost research groups feel that they are above scrutiny by outside interests, both from other paranormal investigators and from skeptics alike.

We at the AMERICAN GHOST SOCIETY do not feel this way. We are working hard to try and present photos and evidence of the paranormal that will stand up to examination by others. We are not "experts" in this field --- simply because "experts" do not exist in the paranormal field, no matter what anyone says or who claims to be on.! There is no one who understands all of the mysteries of the supernatural! We have taken the extra steps to have many of  our photos analyzed and studied, by the Eastman Kodak Company and professional photographers, which is something that many other groups refuse to do.

We have often been criticized for being too cautious in saying that our photos are authentic -- but this is because we are very careful to always try and present photos that are authentic. We try to be as careful in our investigating procedures as we are in our displays of evidence and while we may not display as many photos as some groups do... we have the assurance that photos displayed here are not camera straps, flying insects, dust particles, raindrops or a variety of other things that can damage the credibility of the field.

On the other hand, do we claim that every photo here is genuine beyond reasonable doubt? Of course not... there is no one who can say that any photo is real or not real for an absolute fact. What we have tried to do is to post photos that we feel are genuine.

We appreciate any comments or questions that you might have about any of the photos below. The opinions of the AMERICAN GHOST SOCIETY are open to input from others and we always want to hear from you.

Alfred's Victorian, Middletown PA
(Photo courtesy of Kelly Weaver)

These pages presented by Troy Taylor.
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