Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island is perhaps one of Michigan's most scenic and most visited spots. It lies of if the north shore of the mainland peninsula and in the waters of Lake Huron. During the summer months, it is packed with tourists and vacationers, but in the winter months Lake Huron turns to ice and the population of the island drops down to only a few hardy souls. It is in the bitter months of winter when the dead walk on Mackinac Island... as one couple found out when they moved into Small Point Cottage in 1971.

The residents of Mackinac Island deal kindly with their ghosts, with the spirits becoming a part of everyday life. The rugged island has seen it's share of death from the days of the Native Americans to the slain soldiers of the War of 1812.

Small Point Cottage was built in 1882 along the foot of East Bluff and a short distance away from it's present location. A sister house was built next door and later torn down, leaving Turner Cottage (as it was called then) to be moved to where it now rests. The house was known as a haunted one long before it became the bed-and-breakfast that it is today. But in 1971, John Findlay accepted a teaching position at the Mackinac Island Elementary School and started looking for a house to move into. Small Point Cottage was one of the few that was large enough to hold Findlay, his wife and seven children and one of the few insulated enough to make it through the long winter.

Strange things began to happen in the house... things would turn up missing, footsteps and unusual noises were not uncommon. Many year-round residents believe the ghost to be that of a young girl who was forced to move away from the island, vowing that she would someday return. It is said to be her ghost that haunts this house.

Years after the Findlays first moved in, the house became an elegant bed-and-breakfast and during the summer months, tourists fill the rooms, sometimes having their own encounters with this playful and very non-threatening ghost.

Mackinac Island is located just northwest of the farthest point on Michigan's mainland. It is accessible by ferry boat and is one of the most popular summer destinations in Michigan. Small Point Cottage is located just east of Old Mission Point resort.

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