American Unsolved Mysteries & Tales of the Unexplained

Uncover America's Strangest Mysteries & Inexplicable Stories Of The Haunted Past!

Book Two in the History & Hauntings Series!


The History & Hauntings Series was first conceived a few years ago as a way to combine my two greatest literary interests. I have long been of the belief that no great ghost story can exist without a rich history to back it up. The events of yesterday truly give birth to the hauntings of today.

This book is the second in an ongoing series of ghostly titles. In future volumes, I hope to delve even deeper into the darker side of American history and to take you along on a continuing journey into the haunted corners of our country and to the farthest reaches of your imagination!
Happy Hauntings!
Troy Taylor

Join author Troy Taylor as he takes the reader back through time to delve into the riddles of America's most compelling mysteries!

This new installment of the "History & Hauntings Series" is unlike any book the author has written before, collecting tales of not only ghosts and hauntings but of unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances, the paranormal and the unexplained and  enigmas that have remained unsolved for decades and even centuries!   What haunting mystery hangs over the lost colony of Roanoke? What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste? What strange curse takes the lives of those who search for the Lost Dutchman mine?  What obsessions haunted magician Harry Houdini and what mysteries still surround his death to this day? Was Edgar Allan Poe, the father of the American mystery story, really a murderer? What was the Mothman and how did he change the face of the paranormal forever? Delve into these mysteries and many more!

A Journey Into the Unknown for $18.95!

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Into the Shadows Table of Contents

The Secrets of the Mound Builders - Who Walked America before Columbus? - The Disappearance of the Anasazi - The Sagas of the Vikings, the Irish and the Welsh in Early America - The Mysterious Stone Forts - America’s Mystery Sites - Haunted Tunnels, Relics and Altars - Mystery Hill - Burrow’s Cave - The Lost & Ancient City of the Grand Canyon: Did Egyptians Leave Behind a Strange Fortress that is now hidden in the depths of the Grand Canyon?

The strange history of artifacts and finds that have been found in America, including giant skeletons, mysterious mummies, skulls with horns, the mummy of an impossibly small human and much more!

The Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke - What happened to the earliest European Colony in America? What weird legends were born from the disappearance and what haunting mysteries remain today?

Who knows the real story behind this famous lost ship and her vanished crew? What strange things were found aboard the vessel? What happened to the captain and her family? And what curse followed the ship to her grave at the bottom of the ocean?

Do the Superstition Mountains really hide the greatest treasure hoard in American history? What bizarre curse has claimed the lives of hundreds who have gone in search of the mine?

American history is dotted with cases of people who have brushed the edge of the unexplained and the unsolved and sometimes their paths too them so far over the edge that they vanished completely, without a trace. Examine some of the most mysterious cases in history, including Dorothy Arnold, John Dillinger, Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa and more!

Explore a series of mysterious disappearances in the Green Mountains of Vermont. How have people continued to disappear in a strange and haunted area around Bennington, Vermont? Natural or Supernatural?

The mysterious life and death of author Ambrose Bierce has created many unsolved mysteries, from his own disappearance to the legion of supernatural tales that he wrote and which have come to be considered true tales. Why was Bierce so obsessed with death and those who vanished without a trace? And was a famous tale of a inexplicable vanishing actually based on a true story?

Outlaw Billy the Kid was killed by Pat Garrett in a sleepy New Mexico town... while Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth was killed by Federal soldiers inside a barn in Virginia.... or were they really? What are the real mysteries behind the disappearances of these famous criminals? Did they really die when they were supposed to, or did they simply vanish?

The Unsolved Mysteries of Spiritualism - Was a body really found in the Fox Family Basement? - Did a medium named Daniel Douglas Home really harness the power of flight? Was a girl named Lurancy Vennum really possessed by the spirit of a woman who had died years before? Did a woman named Pearl Curran really produce thousands of pages of mysterious writings that had been given to her by a ghost named Patience Worth? Were the Eddy Brothers of Vermont the greatest mediums who ever lived.. or clever con artists?

Harry Houdini is still considered today as one of the greatest illusionists and magicians in history. In addition to his fantastic escapes and stunts, he was also well known in the 1920’s for his debunking of fraudulent Spiritualist mediums. Before his death, Houdini stated that should it be possible to contact the living from the other side, he would do so. The question remains as to whether or not he actually succeeded.... What strange photo was Houdini unable to explain? What strange mysteries preceded Houdini to the grave and what ghostly stories have been told since his death?

America’s Most Mysterious Unsolved Crimes - The Impossible Suicide - The Original Locked Room Mystery - The Pig Woman, the Preacher and Death - Who Killed the Black Dahlia and why does her ghost still haunt Hollywood? Was Jack the Ripper and American? - Who was the dreaded New Orleans Axeman and was he a real person or a supernatural killer? What twisted madman claimed more than a dozen victims as the “Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run” and managed to ruin the career of one of America’s most famous crime fighters?

Who killed the Chicago sisters, Barbara and Patricia Grimes? What strange twists and turns did their murder case take and what ghostly impressions have been left behind in its wake? For the first time, see the author’s expanded look at the tragic deaths that are still being felt in Chicago.

Perhaps it is fitting that the man who is regarded as the "father of the American mystery", Edgar Allan Poe, has a number of unsolved puzzles connected to both his life and death. What happened to Poe in the days before his death? Who is the stranger who haunts Poe’s grave? And perhaps strangest of all, did the man who spent his life writing of gruesome death and horror actually commit the brutal murder of a young woman and create a crime that has never been solved?

America’s Greatest Tales of the Unexplained - What is the mystery behind a bizarre photograph that many people remember seeing, but no one seems able to find? How do frogs, fish, blood, stones and other mysterious objects manage to fall from the sky? You won’t believe the puzzling reports!

What are the mysteries behind the widely reported instances of glowing lights that seem to come and go from nowhere? A Natural occurrence or a puzzle of supernatural significance? Explore the histories of some of America’s most famous spook lights, including an in-depth look at the famed Hornet Spook Light of southwest Missouri!

Discover the secrets behind three mysterious figures who have wreaked havoc in American history! Who was the Mothman and why did he appear in Point Pleasant, West Virginia? Was his appearance linked to the ancient Cornstalk Curse? Who were the Mattoon and Botetourt County Mad Gassers? Why did they attack scores of people over a 11 year period... and were they the same creature?

What secrets are waiting to be discovered beneath our feet? Uncover the mysteries of “bottomless” pits, strange sinkholes and mysterious caverns, then search for answers about lost civilizations and ancient cities that exist beneath the earth? Can such things be? The answers to that might shock you!

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