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No record of the mysterious in Arizona can be complete without a look at the mystical town of Sedona. Ghosts aside, a visit to Sedona can be a breathtaking journey. The natural beauty of the breathtaking red rocks here can literally transport the visitor to a desert wonderland. It has been called one of the most beautiful places on earth and in recent years, has become a pilgrimage region for the New Age movement. Many believe that another, ethereal city, exists directly above Sedona and the supernatural energies of that place draw strange powers to this portion of Arizona. New Age or not though, many have been hard pressed to explain the strange electromagnetic energies of the region and of course, the hauntings and unusual spots!

One of these “mystery spots” is Bell Rock, which has been used by modern mystics as a “toning device” to balance psychic energies. It is said that those who hold onto the rock while meditating will be contacted by spirits who can lead them to higher levels. Others believe that the rock also attracts UFO’s. However, more scientific travelers have noted that the rock seems to be the focus for some very strong, anomalous energy readings in the area. What causes this remains a natural mystery!

Located west of Sedona, off Highway 179, is Boynton Canyon. This is another of the local mystery spots and it is held in high regard by the Yavapai Indians. They consider it a sacred place and believe the First Woman was born in a cave here. She is still believed to reside in this canyon and the mystical energies of the place have been recorded by psychics and paranormal researchers alike.

Oak Creek and the Chapel of the Holy Cross are two other locations where New Age mystics claim that meditation and concentration can have beneficial results for Sedona travelers. The chapel is a modern structure that supports a large cross and many people have reported visions of an underground civilization while meditating here. Oak Creek is a pristine water source that is believed to have healing powers and is said to cleanse people both physically and spiritually. Scientific researchers have reported that the water is highly oxygenated and rather mysterious energized.

About five miles south of Sedona are the mysterious spots known as Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. The rock has been called a “psychic vortex” and is 1000 feet high and seems to glow at night. Nearby, the mesa is said to be so charged with electricity that people’s hair will stand on end under certain conditions. The psychics say that the contrast between the red rocks of the area and the blue sky create changes to the atmosphere. Others would argue that the mysterious conditions are actually caused by the high iron content of the red rocks, which will generate electricity. Regardless, no one really knows for sure!

The most famous haunting to ever occur in Sedona was at a private residence that is still known as the Miller House today. The house was once owned by the famous Hollywood dancer and star Ann Miller and according to her own accounts, it was haunted by the ghost of a fierce Native American warrior. When Ann asked a Hopi shaman for help with the house, she learned that it had once been owned by an early Arizonian whose son had died during the construction. The man had once had the house blessed by a tribal chief because of the strange activity that he was reporting there. Unfortunately though, this did not get rid of the ghosts, as Ann could attest to. According to the Hopi shaman, the house had been built on land where an ancient and sacred Indian kiva had been located. He believed that the ceremonies that took place here activated the spirit of a guardian warrior who was supposed to protect the land. After that, Ann had the house and grounds exorcised and this seemed to cleanse the area of the spirits who had gathered here!

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