Ghosts of the Prairie


Kansas City, Missouri

This old and historic hotel in Kansas City is said to be the oldest continually operating hotel west of the Mississippi River. It was built in 1888 and was a very fashionable place up until World War II. Then, according to present owners, the place degenerated into a low-rent flophouse and became very run down. In more recent times, the hotel has been undergoing some rather extensive renovations and upgrades in it's setting and service.

Apparently, these renovations may have disturbed the spirits. According to staff members and visitors, there has been a lot of strange phenomena taking place in the hotel for the last several years. Many have reported the sounds of footsteps in the hallways, doors opening and closing on their own, electrical appliances that don't operate as they should and, in one case, shower curtains closing on their own and the water turning on in the shower.... as if a spirit was taking a bath!

There are said to be two resident ghosts here also. One is an elderly woman named Betsy Ward who died in her bathtub and now returns. It was in her bathroom that the shower curtain closed and the water started by itself. The other ghost is said to be that of Fred Lightner, who haunts his former apartment in the hotel. In 1987, two witnesses reported his gray-colored ghost standing in the hallway outside his old room.

The Hotel Savoy is located at 219 West Ninth Street in Kansas City, Missouri.


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