Ghosts of the Prairie


Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Sand Mountain is a towering section of knobbed hills that joins the national forest lands of the state and lies about twelve miles south of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. It is located between the small towns of Jeffersonville and Means. It rises high above the rolling landscape around it.

Around the turn-of the -century, and before the wide use of automobiles, people in the region near Sand Mountain reported seeing mysterious lights on the steep slopes. First hand accounts reports often claim that the lights would appear along the roads and paths of the mountain, sometimes acting as if they had an intelligence and following travelers as they passed nearby. One man claimed that a "ghost light" often appeared along a certain stretch of road, hovered in the air and then vanished.

Today, the area near the mountain is much more populated than in years past and few still speak of the "ghost lights". Some have suggested that natural gas wells may have caused the phenomena but no one really knows for sure.

Sand Mountain is located south of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky between the towns of Jeffersonville and Means and just off Highway 460.


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