This English pub is located on the north side of Chicago and is directly across the street from the famed Biograph Theater, where John Dillinger saw his last film and was ambushed by federal agents in the alley after the show.

The building in which the Red Lion is located was built in 1882 and while former owners may have been aware of the ghosts... they weren't talking. Since John Cordwell took over the pub and started renovating it several years ago, the place has become known as one of the most haunted restaurants in Chicago! As part of his renovations, Cordwell installed a stained glass window over a stairway and added a plaque to commemorate his father, who had died in England and who had been buried without a tombstone. Shortly after, people passing by the window were suddenly overcome with dizziness and many claimed to sense a presence nearby.

John Cordwell also sensed a very strong presence in the vicinity of the window.... and he was convinced that it was the spirit of his father.

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Could John's father have made his way to his son's restaurant? If so, he seems to have brought several other spirits with him.

One ghost is said to signal her presence by the strong smell of lavender and she is said to be the spirit of a young retarded girl who died in the building. Other ghosts include a strong presence in the upstairs women's restroom, a man in cowboy clothing, a man who sometimes walks up the stairs the through the downstairs bar, a blond-haired man and a bearded man wearing a black hat.

The Red Lion Pub is located at 2446 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.