St. Paul, Minnesota

Like the City Hall in Minneapolis, the Ramsey County Courthouse in the sister city of St. Paul is also a haunted municipal building. It is even haunted by a criminal who was executed on the site, but there the resemblance ends.... psychics who have investigated the courthouse describe it as almost a "spirit party" because the ghosts so like to visit there

The Ramsey County Courthouse has been the center of community activity for many years and for nearly all of them, the place has been rumored to be a place where ghostly activity can be found too. Late night cleaning crews and security guards are the most frequent witnesses to strange events here and have reported the most encounters. They claim to have heard laughing in empty rooms and have seen spirits walking up and down the corridors wearing clothing from the 1930's and 1940's. A ghostly shoeshine man has been seen still plying his trade in the building's lobby. Metal coat hangers often stir in empty closets and the tapping of women's high- heeled shoes are commonly reported in deserted hallways.

The only frightening spirit seemed to be that of a man who has been reported hanging from a noose. His is thought to be a criminal who was executed in the courthouse years ago. A workmen named Tim Mahanna was interviewed some time back by the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He had been one of the workers who helped renovate the building in 1992 and he was convinced that the place was haunted. Tools and lumber moved about from place to place, things would disappear and then turn up again later and even pipes that had been sitting disconnected for weeks would suddenly have water coming out of them.

"Strange things happened there that have never happened at another job site," he was quoted in the article. "I think there are people there who died and never left."

The Ramsey County Courthouse is located near the state capitol building in St. Paul.

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