Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island is perhaps one of Michigan's most scenic and most visited spots. It lies off the north shore of the mainland peninsula in and in the waters of Lake Huron. During the summer months, it is packed with tourists and vacationers, but in the winter months Lake Huron turns to ice and the population of the island drops down to only a few hardy souls.

Pine Cottage on Mackinac Island has proven to be a popular spot for tourists with it's forty-two rooms and three floors... but it also apparently has a lot of room for ghosts. On a rainy night in 1942, tragedy struck at Pine Cottage. A woman who lived in the house was brutally murdered and the case was never solved. Could it be her ghost that haunts this place...or are there others?

Bob Hughey came to Mackinac Island many years ago and opened a restaurant called Little Bob's. After World War II, he returned to the island, married and expanded his business, purchasing Pine Cottage in 1962. It was that Spring when they realized that they were sharing the house with "something" else. Strange footsteps began to be heard that had no explanation, followed by doors opening and closing, and searches revealed that no one was there.

Things took a more frightening turn that year when Bob walked into a room on the first floor. Suddenly, from out of the closet, a woman rushed madly at him...she bumped into him, almost knocking him down, and then disappeared out the window. She was not your average woman though, not even for a ghost, for she had only been visible from the waist up!

That was just the beginning though. The strange sightings continued of many different spirits, from men standing next to beds at night to a little girl that had been reported crying in the attic window. The little girl has been reported all over the house since then. Both staff members and visitors have talked of hearing the footsteps and other strange sounds and have reported things turning up missing and having the covers pulled from their beds at night.

In 1995, the Hugheys moved to St. Ignace, Michigan and have opened a new restaurant. So far, the ghosts haven't followed them.

As for the new owners of Pine Cottage....ask them when you get there for they surely have their own stories to tell.

Mackinac Island is located just northwest of the farthest point on Michigan's mainland. It is accessible by ferry boat and is one of the most popular summer destinations in Michigan. Pine Cottage is located about halfway along Bogan's Lane, two blocks away from Lake Huron.

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

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