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(Left) This photo only gives you a small amount of the damage that has been done over the last couple of decades in Peck Cemetery. (Right) This headless statue did not come from any monument in Peck Cemetery. It, and the blood poured over the base over the neck, was left behind by cultists who practice in the cemetery.

Little is known about the history of PECK CEMETERY other than it was started by the family of Daniel Peck, who came to this area from Ohio in 1850. The cemetery is located in the northeast corner of Macon County and is very isolated. It cannot be seen from the road and is surrounded by an iron fence and heavy woods.

Many have invited comparison between Peck Cemetery and Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, near Chicago, because of the isolated setting, the vandalism and desecration of graves. . .and the reports of strange phenomena.

Peck Cemetery has a sinister and dreadful feel about it. Since the 1970's, it has been a popular place for teenagers, many of whom foolishly damage and destroy the grave markers here. This desecration could be the cause of the haunting that is said to be taking place here.
It makes you wonder about the old legends that started the use of tombstones in the first place. It was said that the heavy stone was placed over a grave to keep the dead inside of it. When the stone is removed. . .does the spirit roam free?
There have been reports of strange lights, apparitions and events coming out of Peck Cemetery for more than two decades. Witnesses and late night visitors to the cemetery have come forward with a number of strange stories from apparitions to eerie lights that have been seen in the graveyard and in the woods beyond. One man told me of a weird experience that he and his girlfriend has at Peck Cemetery about 8 years ago. They spent an hour there without incident before seeing a blue light flickering among the tombstones and weaving up and down in a circle. It moved through the dark woods and then disappeared.

It has also been reputed to be the meeting place of occultists in the area. A number of believable witnesses claim to have seen fires and strange sounds on many nights and have reported the remains of animal sacrifices left on the tombstones. Many believe that the practice of witchcraft and black magic can cause the dead to become restless and can cause a haunting to take place.

While many of the stories here can be written off to local legend, there are far too many to try and dismiss them all. It does not take a psychic either to know that there is something wrong with the place. You can literally feel it when you walk down the road and pass through the broken gates. There is a coldness and a feeling of oppression here that nature cannot explain.
It is not a good place.... not anymore.

Peck Cemetery is located in rural Macon County, Illinois near the towns of Oakley and Cerro Gordo. The cemetery is closed and patrolled by law enforcement officials after sunset.

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