While nearly every campus in America is rumored to have at least a ghost or two "floating" around campus, it is often hard to find a reliable witness to pass along their first-hand encounters with these "school spirits". However, I was recently contacted by a police officer named "Ray", who told me of these eerie events on the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater. I will allow him to present the story in his own words....

Do you believe in ghosts? You might after you take a look at this!

 Late in the evening on Christmas eve in 1980 I received a frantic call from a fellow police officer and good friend of mine "Mark" concerning a mutual friend "Tom" on the police force who was on duty at the time. My friend repeatedly told me that I needed to come to the office because "Tom" had just had something happen to him. Although "Mark" refused to explain what the situation was I assumed it was serious because of the urgency and tone in his voice.

When I arrived at the police station, "Mark" and "Tom" were both waiting for me in the briefing room. "Tom", one of the physically strongest and toughest people I have ever met was visibly shaken and my immediate impression was that something serious had occurred to him. "Tom" explained that while doing a building check on the campus he continuously heard footsteps on the floors above him. The building was four stories high and long so that the hallway on each floor was narrow (approximately 5 feet wide) and on each side of the hallway were offices up and down the hallway. There were grand old wooden staircases on each end of the building and an old abandoned elevator shaft on one end. This building had been the original women's dorm but had been converted to offices for the art department. "Tom" continued that he was aware that there must be someone cleaning on the floor above him but every time that he went up a floor the footsteps sounded like they were coming from the next floor up. Finally he reached the fourth floor (top) and began to check some office doors fully expecting to find a cleaning person in one of the offices. He had checked a couple of doors (all locked) with no results and was surprised to hear at the end of the long hallway footsteps coming towards him.

The darkened hallway was approximately 100 feet long and only lit by small exit signs on either end. "Tom" said he squinted but couldn't see anyone but could hear the footsteps definitely coming closer. Finally as the footsteps were within 25 feet of him he drew his weapon and shouted stop. When the footsteps were within 15 feet of him he leaned up against one of the sides of the hallways and listened to the footsteps walk past him just as if someone would have done so in the daytime although he couldn't see anyone. He said that didn't bother him as much as being able to see the letters on the bulletin board directly across from him flutter as the footsteps passed him. I watch "Tom" intently as he spoke and fully believed he was reliving a traumatic event...after he finished his story I said to both "Mark" and "Tom" that we should go on over and see for ourselves. "Mark" was ready to go however "Tom" said he was not going back into the building! I was shocked at "Toms" response.

Both "Mark" and myself tried to shame him into it, he steadfastly refused to go back into the building. We finally got him to drive us back to the building. "Mark" and I had brought a recorder and of course as police officers we were armed. We checked the downstairs floors first and finally entered the fourth floor. We were confident that whatever was there we could handle because we were armed and I had just completed police self-defense instructor school. Upon entering the fourth floor we immediately began to hear bumps and other noises coming out of one of the small offices. It sounded to me as if someone was packing stuff. We observed a padlock on the outside of the door so we knew no one could be inside the office. We quietly sat down in the hallway across from the closed door and every time we heard a noise I would turn on the recorder. The exit to the staircase was just to the left of "Mark", I was directly to the right of him and the office doorway was right across from us not 4 feet away.

We were there only a short time when the sounds of activity in the room began to increase and finally as I was about to turn off the recorder a tremendous bang came from the other side of the door as if someone standing on the other side of the doorway had hit it with all of "its" might. Because I thought that something was coming towards my face my immediate reaction was to duck to my left side, hit the floor and pull my weapon. This response was not planned because I had no time to think, it was pure reaction. It was immediately quiet from the room but I looked up and noticed that "Mark" was already going down the stairs. I hurriedly picked up the recorder and followed him down the staircase all the way out to parking lot where "Tom" patiently waited for us. Tom knew by our reaction that something had happened and we immediately told him of the event. All three of us discussed going back up to see if it would happen again, after all, we were three tough, armed police officers.

We decided against it...

I finally went back to this building last year. It is now renovated, well lit and quiet..... but I did go back during the day!

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