Memphis, Tennessee

According to theater legends, this grand building is haunted by the ghost of a small girl known as "Mary". She was reportedly struck and killed by a car on Beale Street and somehow her spirit found refuge in the nearby Orpheum Theater.

The original building was built in 1890 and burned down in 1923. It was rebuilt in 1928 and at some point the ghost found her way inside of the place. She has been reported here for more than sixty years and many witnesses claim they have seen doors open and close by themselves, heard her quiet, giggling voice, and have heard her small feet tapping up and down the aisles.

It is also reported that theater patrons have observed her sitting quietly in her favorite seat, C-5. She never creates a disturbance during a show but visiting actors are often uneasy in the house. In 1977, the traveling cast of Fiddler on the Roof became so convinced the theater was haunted that they demanded seance on the upper balcony to try and contact the ghost. Employees have gotten used to having her around and her playful pranks have become commonplace and expected. They are used to the questions of visitors and even the traveling ghost hunters who show up on occasion.

In 1979, a parapsychology class from the University of Memphis came to the building for an investigation and they believe that Mary is not in the place alone... they were convinced that they found evidence of at least six other ghosts in the Orpheum.

The theater is located in Memphis, Tennessee in the far southwestern region of the state. It can be found at 203 South Main Street.

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